Do you Grocery Game?

I do. It started harmlessly enough 16 months ago. We really needed to cut down our grocery budget and with four meat-eating, milk-drinking men/boys I needed a plan. I had never cut coupons before, they are for poor people right? SO WRONG! Not only did this grocery game cut my bill by 50% the very first week, I got to shop at my favorite store and it was really fun. In case you can’t read the blurry paper on the left it says: Spent: $63.93 , Saved: $82.68, milk was not on sale $4.19@. Then I drew a gripey face. The picture on the right — all of my wares. Please try not to notice that there is not one ounce of fresh produce in this photo. You see, I’m a little obsessed with my percentages so sometimes when I am having a particularly good day at the store I will wait and buy produce the next visit so as to not up my averages. Aren’t I so messed up? People who I know, that know I G.G. (which is everyone I know) always ask me, “don’t you end up buying all sorts of stuff you normally wouldn’t buy?” My answer is a resonding “YESSSSS” that’s part of why I do it! I never would have bought those Ferror Rocher things (does anyone know what they’re called?) pre G.G. I considered those items for only the very rich. Now, I get to buy them too for mere sofa change. Grocery Shopping is fun again!


  1. Finished the Grocery Game 2 3 days ago, finally replayed it after 9 years hehe; story was nothing special but somehow the events your going trough kept me very interested, also liked the companions. I had to play it on normal because the party management was terribly annoying in combat and not only.

  2. Finished the Grocery Game


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