Stuff Manager to Cozy Minimalist: Before and After

Maybe you’ve seen or noticed the transformation in my home over the years.

I’ve learned how to transition from being a Stuff Manager, to a Chief Home Curator who is super picky about what comes into my home.

When it comes to decorating, I’m a Cozy Minimalist which means I want the most amount of style with the least amount of stuff.

Here’s the before of my sofa corner. I created an accidental gallery wall as a result of using lots of tiny art and feeling like it needed more stuff. It never felt right until I added a large piece on each wall (in the top photo). I could never get the pillows right and the rug was all wrong too. But I wasn’t sure how to fix it… Until I became a Cozy Minimalist.

And these two photos of my fireplace area show what happens when I let decorating just happen (top) verses when I approached the room like a Cozy Minimalist (below) and added the right things in the right sizes, in the RIGHT ORDER (this is KEY!). Less stuff, more my style.

For the past three months I’ve been working with a community of women who are now also Cozy Minimalists and they have made huge changes in their home.

Every week we work through a few steps and they apply it to their chosen room (in the right order AMEN) and they make a few changes, often using things they already have, that add up to an entirely fresh, simple yet inviting room that serves their family and represents their unique style.

Look at these transformations, I’m SO impressed!:

Rebekah’s Family Room:

Rebekah says: “This group has helped me to not be paralyzed by my fear of things not being perfect but to enjoy the process of making my home perfect to meet the needs of my family!”

Avery’s Porch:

Avery says “This community has helped me intentionally think through and execute the layers that go into creating a functional, beautiful, and comfortable space for my family.” And y’all, Avery’s porch was recently featured at Emily Henderson’s blog. Way to go Avery!

Fran’s Kitchen:

Fran says, “I love how this community inspires and encourages us to try new things (peel and stick backsplash!) and get projects going.”

Abby’s Dining Room:

Abby says “The CoMi community showed me the importance of investing in larger statement pieces (i.e. my chandelier, art work, and plant) for a cozier more minimal feel.”

Rebeca’s Family Room:

Rebeca says: “All this transformation happened (from) following advice from the nester, I thought I already had the best possible lay out for our studio/sitting room but a miracle happened when I quieted the room.

Jennifer’s Bedroom:

 Jennifer says: “I have learned so many things, but I guess the first big revelation was to empty the room and get the furniture placement right. Maybe obvious to some, but to me this was really valuable and changes the way I see all my rooms now! And I just love seeing everyone else’s progress and ideas!”

Robin’s Living Room:

Robin says:  “So many things have helped me !! “Hang curtains high and wide” made such a difference!!!”

Candace’s Dining Room:

Candace says: ” I have learned how to trust myself and the process of designing my home(IDHTBPTBB: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful).”

Maybe some of these before photos look familiar to you.

If you are ready to make real changes in your home, if the idea of getting more style while using less stuff sounds magical-then you will absolutely want to join the Cozy Minimalist Community.

We open three times a year to new members and our doors are open until Tuesday night, June 25th. Click here now to find out what in the world I’m talking about, we’d love for you to join us!

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