A Cozy Minimalist Office :: A $500 Giveaway

UPDATE:: Winner announced at the bottom of the post

An office doesn’t have to be all printers, wires, file cabinets and black pleather chairs on wheels. As a matter of fact, I expect the same qualities from my office that I want from the rest of my home–something functional, organized with items I love and need, beautiful, but also simple. Amen.

My new office is a little L shaped room in our freshly renovated basement, and I had one tiny area to hold one hardworking piece that needed to add function and beauty but also give me access to the stuff I want to see, and hide the junk I don’t want to see.

This handsome bookcase from Arhaus was the ideal choice. Isn’t he perfect?

I’ve made the mistake of not thinking through the type of storage that I needed in my home. It’s a pain to buy the wrong pieces, but at least it’s a learning experience.

This time, I knew exactly what I was looking for and I found it.

I’ve learned the hard way, that I’m never happy with a bookcase that doesn’t have a solid back and sides, or one that’s too flimsy to hold up to my book collection. I love to show off my books, and to me, my rainbowetical book situation always stands out best in either a black or white bookcase.

small oslo vase

When you are purchasing any type of storage unit, consider if you need display storage or hidden storage, or both–I wanted to display my books, but hide other office junk. I feel in love with the entire Tremont line from Arhaus.

It’s a substantial wood piece (no worries, Arhaus never uses wood from endangered rain forests) with deep drawers, classic leather-strap drawer pulls and even has an option to add a brass library sconce at the top.

Of course I wanted to add some beauty without filling up my small office with a bunch of stuff. This wide mouth textured vase adds a ton of style and is perfect for yard cuttings–my favorite kind of green to bring inside.


1. tall vase // 2. round vase // 3. mirror // 4. rug // 4. daybed // 6. square pillow // 7. rectangle pillow // 8. sconce // 9. bookcase

Here are a few of my favorite Arhaus items for a lady office space, if I had more room, I’d go right for that daybed! I’ve got more favorites here on my Office Space Pinterest Board.

Check out more pieces from Arhaus to decorate your home here today!


Winner of the giveway::


This post is sponsored by Arhaus.

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