10 Years! & My Favorite Things GIVEAWAY ! // Winners Announced


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Big Huge congrats to all ten winners!  (if you are on your phone hit “enter the giveaway” to see the winners, I have no idea why they do it that way.) I just send an email to get your info. Also, winners will be matched up with the prizes in the order that they are listed below. So Deborah wins the angel wings and then Gwyneth wins Relax and so forth and so on.

I added the links to all the prizes below in case you want to check them out.

And, if you didn’t win, I do have a little special offer for you for one of the prizes.

This week only you can get a 3 Piece Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Hostess Set (& an apron) for free with your first $20 purchase through Grove. Already a Grove customer? There’s something for you too, click here to find out more.

It’s official, Nesting Place has been online for 10 years now and to celebrate, Chad and I wanted to host our own giveaway, no sponsors, just us gifting you some of our favorite things to say THANK YOU for being a part of the Nesting Place community.

I’ve picked out ten of my favorite things that we use in our home and we are picking ten random winners and each winner will receive one of my favorite things!

Here are the prizes, I think you’ll recognize them…

Angel Wings

One of the most asked about items in our home, these wings are huge (almost 4’ high) and add whimsy & texture to any room.

Relax Canvas by Lindsay Letters

As a serial mantel changer-upper I used to change my mantel 5-10 times a year. Until this I got this canvas. Relax has been hanging over our mantel for years now and I still love it. The contrast & movement make it a lovely statement piece.

Belly Basket

Holds toys, pillows, potted plants, groceries, trash, anything! I have this in white, but I like the black even better. Contrast is queen.

Disco Ball

Sphere of joy. Ball of wonder. Totally useless other than looking pretty and throwing light and causing delight, a great conversation piece. You are going to wonder how you ever lived without a disco ball sitting in your window.


Pair of Buffalo Check Pillow Covers + Feather Inserts

Timeless buffalo check fits into any home & any style, pillow covers are separate so you can remove them & wash them #winning You know how much I love feather inserts — God’s stuffing, if they go flat, just refluff them!

Farmgirl Flowers Bouquet Delivery

My absolute favorite place to receive flowers from, and to send flowers from is Farmgirl Flowers. You’ll wonder if Jesus and Oprah made the bouquet especially for you. Lucky.


Marble Board, Striped Towel + Iowa Pine Hostess Set (you can get this FREE right now + a free apron too, find out more here)

I use my marble pastry stone as a serving tray more than anything else–charcuterie anyone? The limited, seasonal scent Iowa Pine is EASILY my favorite scent to use in the kitchen. And we have a big collection of striped Turkish towels– we use them at the beach, keep extras in the car for picnics, add them to the sofa as a throw and just like to have them around because they are thin, but absorbent. They get better as you wash them. A fun little set that you’ll get lots of use from.

Letter Board by Letterfolk

You know you want one. And if you have one, you know you want more. Display your favorite quote, verse or what’s for dinner.

Indestructible Outdoor String Lights

If you’ve been to our place you know we are obsessed with these. I bought our first strand before we even closed on the property. That strand has been up and lit, day and night for four years. We’ve had temperatures from freezing to over 100*.  We’ve changed burnt out bulbs, but these light strands are still going strong. Now we have about 10 strands of these string lights on our 12 acres and they set the mood for cozy evenings.

House of Belonging Sign by Aedriel

“If you want to bring happiness to the whole world, go home and love your family.” –Mother Teresa I adore this sign and have it in our entryway. It’s huge and glorious and you are going to love it.



Enter your email address in the box below to win (you’ll need to be confirmed on our mailing list to win if you aren’t already–so check your inbox for a confirmation email and be sure to click on it).

If you are already subscribed, check for an email from me at 9:15am EST today –you’ll still need to enter below, but you’ll just click the “already subscribed button”.

Bonus, you can share the giveaway for extra entries! There are ten prizes and we’ll announce ten winners on Tuesday November 7th, you’ll have 5 days to claim your prize.

this giveaway only open to the contiguous US, my deepest apologies to the majority of the world.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I’m so glad you decided to brave the online world! It’s been a joy to follow you these past seven years :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your favorites! And for sharing your heart and Home for the past 10 years.

  3. Love your favorite things! Could you post links to all of the items? I’d love to take a look just in case I’m not the winner. ?

  4. Love your stuff.

  5. I look forward to the links. I may have to splurge on some of these. Awesome giveaway,,

  6. Fun. Just fun!!

  7. Congratulations on 10 years! What a milestone!
    The top 10 items you displayed are fantastic! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  8. Jenny Woodward says:

    Congratulations! So exciting!!

  9. Dorothy Bugbee says:

    I would love your Angel Wings!

  10. Brooke Snow says:

    Congrats on the milestone! Been following for about 5 of those ten years and have loved every bit of it!

  11. Can you post links to these items? Thanks!

  12. I think I’ve been a follower since 2008 and loved every post! Congrats on your anniversary!

  13. Lynn Bradford says:

    My thank you along with so many others!!! I am so grateful I found your blog. Thank you for sharing your heart, your life, and your gift! God is good!!!

  14. Beautiful!

  15. Happy Blogiversary! You know, you are the only blogger that has ever stayed on my favorites bar after a break like the one you took this past summer. Others are long gone. You are worth the wait.

    • awww, that means so much! I try to take a break every summer and then a short one at Christmas. I think it’s so important! Thanks Shelly!

  16. Leigh Anne says:

    Happy 10 yrs!! I’ve been here for a quite a while…..not quite 10 :) Can u provide a link for the outdoor string lights?? Maybe I’ll win and I won’t have to buy them!!

  17. Melinda Whipple says:

    Happy #10! Amazing to see what God has done in your blog world and beyond during this time period. Your book is a favorite I refer friends to as well!

  18. cathy silva says:

    Its been an amazing time to share you and your community!
    Thank You!
    Here’s to another 10+!!!!

  19. Excited about your web site and give-a-way!!!!

  20. Donna Henry says:

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your special giftedness with us for the past 10 years. Excited for the next 10!

  21. You are the best. Wish you were Canadian so this was a Canadian giveaway but I will lust from afar ;)

  22. I love it! They would be so fun to add to our new home!

  23. Congratulations and thank you from one of your many grateful followers.

  24. Can I win your angel wings. Please let me know angeelas73work@ gmail.com

  25. What an example and inspiration you are to so many! Thanks for braving the World Wide Web 10 Years ago!

  26. Holy Toledo…

    I don’t enter giveaways these days but this one is the exception. J’adore the Belly Basket and House of Belonging Sign by Aedriel… Well, I WANT TO WIN ALL OF THE THINGS but those are my favorites (this moment, anyway ;) :) ).

    Love you and happy bloggiversary! <3

  27. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely love the angel wings!!

  28. Jeniffer Ogden says:

    Wow congratulations on your 10 year Nest-adversary!

  29. Jenifer Berg says:

    I don’t know if the contest is over or not(says I have 60 min left to enter) but for some reason I can’t enter my email address to get in an entry :(

  30. Debbie Kennedy says:

    I love your style!!

  31. Shelia Race says:

    Ten years? How did that happen? Congratulations!


  33. Congrats!!! Love the blog. Thank you for the chance to shop at Joss and Main.

  34. Marie Page says:

    To win, there was no box to enter email address and no box to check, already a subscriber!!

  35. Hello, there! I’m a recent suscriber, but I’m starting to get up to date about what you have to offer, and love the concept! thank you for being around!

  36. Congrats on keeping up this awesome work for so long, we love having you here! =)

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