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When I saw before and after photos of this home on Hope TerKeurst Houser’s instagram , I knew I wanted to share them with you. Hope is newly married and is in the process of creating a sweet home simply, yet so beautifully. I was BLOWN away at the exterior changes she and her husband made to their home–YES you can paint brick and it turns out just lovely!

I couldn’t believe that the inside was just as inspiring, I think you’ll just love this home tour.

Hope even shared a few before photos, the power of just neutralizing things and keeping it simple is undeniable.  This is SO doable!


family room


family room beforefamily room before

hope family room





houser kitchen

kitchen beforekitchen before

houser kitchen

houser kitchen



houser home

houser home

houser home

houser home



I asked Hope if she had any thoughts or advice to share with any of you who might be like her and Michael–just starting out and creating your first home and making so many decisions all at once, here’s what she said…


“I’m convinced there is a 6th love language: house projects.

When Michael and I are both in town on a weekend we almost always work on something for our home. I love creating this house into our first home together.

When getting married, there are so many changes and it can all seem quite overwhelming. If you factor in moving into a fixer upper house it really may seem impossible at first.

I had to keep reminding myself that my house wouldn’t be done right away.

A year into this whole fixer upper project and I still have things I want to fix. But do one project at a time.

Michael and I listed out things we wanted/needed to do on our house. We put the most important items at the top of the list. We have continued to do our action items and cross it off once we finish. It’s the greatest feeling and we don’t get in the rut of starting lots of things and never actually finishing anything.

A big challenge I faced during the decorating process was having rather expensive taste on a newlywed budget. Yikes.

But I am here to tell you I conquered that challenge with great finds from all kinds of places. Don’t let yourself check out of the unexpected places.

I got some of the coolest pieces of furniture from the most bizarre places. Like my beautiful armoire in the master bedroom was from a junk yard… So cool, right? What was thousands of dollars was only $100 from this little junk yard. Painting it is on my action list but that will come.. eventually.

I want to encourage you to find your style and run with it. I was able to bring in lots of different styles by making it what I love and what feels like the most homey for me.

I’m cheering you on! If I can do this as at the age of 22 and a freshly newlywed, you can too!” –Hope


Want to keep up with Hope or find out more?

Hope’s website


Photographer: Lindsey Plevyak





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  1. Oh much goodness! What an amazing job! Also- does she have a source list?! I WANT THAT CLOCK! :)

  2. Wow! That outside transformation is stunning! Makes me consider painting my 50’s brick ranch white.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I sooooo wish there were details on how she transformed her kitchen cabinets…sigh,,,

  4. Oh wow. This house looks amazing. My dream house <3

    So cozy and this exterior is absolutely stunning!

  5. Wow, that it an amazing transformation! I love seeing before and afters. It makes it seem a little more do-able. Thanks for sharing!

  6. They did a wonderful job!! everything is just gorgeous.

  7. Whoa. I need her to come to my house.

  8. Andrea L. says:

    22 years old? Haha, that’s amazing! I was living in a basement apartment near the university where I went to school. I was just happy to be with my new husband and we could barely afford groceries. We would raid our parents’ freezers when we went back home. BUT I digress… This is beautiful and so calming. You have great taste :)

  9. This is a dream living room and kitchen. I love it so much!

  10. So beautiful!!!!!

    BUT, I MUST address painted brick because I’ve become a bit crazy about it in the last few years. DO NOT PAINT YOUR BRICK if it was built/made before the 1910’s. There’s basically not a definitive cut-off date, but if your mortar is soft, crumbly, and mostly lime and sand, DO NOT PAINT. The only “paint” that is truly acceptable for this type of historic brick is a “milk paint”, which will breathe enough to allow the moisture that the brick is constantly absorbing from the ground to escape. Otherwise, you will end up with crumbling brick and mortar underneath the paint in about 20-40 years. Trust me, it’s AWFUL. We are dealing with it on our property in Lancaster, PA because it was painted many years ago. It was also repointed with Portland cement, which is incorrect, but that’s another post. :D
    Anyway, I also LOVE the look of painted brick, but if you live anywhere with historic brick (if you live in the North East, that’s definitely you), don’t paint your brick. It will save you tons of money and headaches down the road. A good resource is Brookline Builders. http://www.brooklinebuilder.com
    Sorry, not meant to be preachy, just want to keep people informed and save lots of problems! :D

  11. Eek! So beautiful. Myquillyn, does she have a source list for those barstools? I’ve been looking for some exactly like that.

  12. Where did those teal counter stools come from?

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