Weekend Wanderings


Stop everything and visit Jeanne Olivier and her Fall Home Tour–it’s my favorite fall home of the season (they recently purchased this home, it’s so unexpected and lovely).


Did you see, Emily Henderson bought a new home and she shares 5 different options she’s considering for her living room layout. Informative and fun to get insight into how a stylist makes smart decisions for her home.


I’m loving the different shades of blue in this room. Let’s stop being fussy about trying to perfectly match colors in our home. Amen.


Here’s another example in green.



$200 backsplash makeover from Vintage Revivals.

bower power

What a home bloggers home really looks like. I’m loving this: Our Messy Wonderful House from Bower Power

overhead shot


A few weeks ago Jess & Helen from Amen Paper Company came out to our house and barn for a photo shoot of their new Advent calendar. I put that top left photo on instagram to show what photographers like Paige go through to get the perfect shot, some of you wanted to see the photo she got–there it is on the top right.


nest fest

Early Bird tickets for Nest Fest are on sale now–50 vendors, music, food trucks! Y’all, I’m so excited to finally open up the white barn and our property to you! I hope you can come on October 22nd, 30 minutes east of Charlotte NC. More info here.


PS, the comments here are up and running again, so sorry for the trouble, and thanks for letting me know something was wonky!


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