Where to Find A Hand Bud Vase & Other Handy Things

hand vase

I love quirky things in my home and one of my long time favorite finds is this hand bud vase I found on clearance at HomeGoods years ago. It has a huge hole in the back, but no one ever sees that side. I get asked about it often and the other day I saw a similar hand on Amazon and wanted to pass it on in case you need an extra hand.  

Here’s the same hand in matte black.

Apparently, it’s a pen holder, but I’ve mostly used it as a bud vase. The paint is peeling off the inside of mine–which explains why maybe it’s not meant to hold water, but it is water tight and I’ve been filling it with water for years.

hand hooks

And look how fun!! I want all of these handy items!

Bestow Candle/Vase holder

Come Here Wall Hook

Hand Out Wall Hook

Offer Wall Hook

Hands Out Wall Hook (not pictured)

And a few others here.

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