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The Christmas tree is going up, the kids are making their Christmas lists, school papers are coming home, invitations are coming in, more decorations are coming out and suddenly instead of looking festive and inviting, our home feels overwhelming and I want to stretch out my arms and slide everything from every surface into the trash can and then rub my hands together with great satisfaction and a grinchy laugh.

It’s times like these when I don’t need “Ten tips on how to store Legos” I don’t need a better organizing system, but a fresh mindset on creating a warm inviting home–AS A MOM.

Today only, the Cozy Minimalist MOM online program (this is different from the decorating course!) is 50% off– only $19.50 with code: COZYMOM

We created this program back when my house was getting new ceilings and trim so we filmed it at a friend’s house–it’s all video! Come check it out!


And, of course, if you haven’t checked out the Cozy Minimalist (decorating program) yet, you can still get both courses for the price of one–more information here. Sale ends tonight!




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  1. This is very off topic but seeing your post in my bloglovin feed brought it to mind. I was at a spa in Hershey PA over the weekend and one of the other ladies there was reading your book!

  2. I feel ya!! I too want to throw away every single thing I see sitting around this time of year. Holiday decor turns me into a cleaning freak-style Grinch!

  3. I started your Cozy Minimalist Mom course yesterday, and if it weren’t for my compulsive personality, I would have skipped the conversation on party planning. I have always had guilt about having absolutely no desire to throw Pinterest-worthy birthday parties for my kids – parties are not this introvert’s thing! I am so glad I watched it – fantastic ideas! I love the idea of giving my kids a budget for their birthday and letting them decide. I also love the trip budget idea – genius! Thank you, Nester, for taking away so many areas of guilt for me. You have helped me change the way I look at so many things over the years!

  4. a Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take

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