My Favorite No-Brainer Rug #HushTheHouse

jute rug

Last week we started talking about Summer-izing our homes. 

I want my home to feel like it reflects the season–not because it has signs all over that have words that say “springtime” or anything, but just based on how it feels to me when I’m inside.

This rug is one way I summer-ized our home this year…

jute rug

When we moved here a year and a half ago I just use the rugs I had from our last house…

herringbone cowhide

The largest cowhide rug I had was this herringbone pattern (similar to this) I think it’s an 8 x 10. But it still wasn’t big enough for our sofa and chairs to all sit on, which is why I always layered rugs on top of it.


layerd rugs

I love our cowhides and I already had all of these, so I layered my silver spotted ones…


And sometimes I layered the natural ones.

worn thin

And after four years of heavy traffic it was starting to really wear.

As a Cozy Minimalist, I’ve learned that one large item is better than lots of small items–when it comes to artwork, tchotchkes…and even rugs.

jute rug

So I purchased the largest jute rug I could find that would fit in our room.


I actually have three of these same rugs in the barn. I’ve been so happy with them. They look great, are easy to keep clean, eat dirt and because they are so large and neutral they have a hushing effect on a space. It’s like a layer of fresh fallen snow. That is khaki colored. And won’t melt. And isn’t cold.

I got the Chunky Maui rug in Beige  (9.5 x 13.5 size) including shipping for less than $400 (from RugsUSA–get on their mailing list and wait for a 70-80% off sale.) You can’t see the sale price until you add it to your cart and enter in the discount code. It looks like right now they have a code: SUMMER70 where you can get 70% off.

jute rug

DSC_1892 2

jute rug

So this is another way I #HushTheHouse for summer. I replaced old, multiple small things with one large new thing (that happened to be even more neutral). Along with the drapes, our home is starting to feel hushed and larger!


  1. the best part of this post is johnboy’s beautiful face on the tv

    • I was just going to comment on the same. Of course The Nester’s new rug is terrific, but seeing John-Boy on the screen made the room for me too!

  2. Looks really nice! Are those rugs comfortable to sit on or for little kids playing?

    • They are fine to your bare foot, but, if I sit on it with thin yoga pants it is a little prickly, you don’t notice with jeans, it just feels cushy–not stiff, and it isn’t sharp on your feet, but I have noticed on my legs it bugs me. Chad laid on the floor last night and watched TV and it didn’t bother him, but I like to put a blanket down first.

      • Thanks for sharing further details on how the rug FEELS. I purchased a large sisal rug for under our dining table and it LOOKS good but it FEELS horrible! My boys won’t even walk on it. Getting the right mix of beauty and comfort is so important (hindsight, eh?).

  3. Love everything …. Wish I lived next door!!!!

    Any ideas how to deal with floor vents? They can’t be moved (rental) and layering rugs with 6 homeschooled country kids ain’t gonna work y’all. ..

  5. I really love the look of that rug. Do you by chance know how that one stands up to pet accidents? I have already thrown away 2 natural fiber rugs in 2015 due to pet accidents. I would appreciate any info you have about that!

    • Kathy Huddleston says

      I purchased a beautiful indoor/outdoor rug from Costco for around $100. The best part is I can take it outside and hose it down if I need to!

  6. I love your blog and I LOVE your book, though it’s not good for my budget: bought the book, loved it, gave it to a friend. Asked for a new one for my birthday, felt so encouraged and decided to give it to my sister, to encourage her. Got the book for the third time, opened it and immediately thought of another friend who would love it, and felt prompted to give it to her. It’s like a ‘Pass the Nesting Place on ministry’ :-) Can’t wait till my next birthday!

  7. It looks great! I’ve been looking at rugs like that to quiet our living room so I can brighten it up with some colorful pillows and throws that can be changed out more easily. How is it under your feet? I’ve read another blog where the husband thought the jute rug was too rough, so I’ve been curious. Also, did you get a rug pad or no?

    • Hi! I’ve been wondering the same thing: about the roughness of it and the pad underneath. My kids love to lie on the floor/play board games on the floor. I had a wool rug and they complained it was itchy. I actually just bought a cow hide rug on sale on a fb page that sells them b/c I loved the look of yours (and others I’ve seen around). :) If it doesn’t work in the living room, I can use it somewhere else, but I really need something soft/easy/stain resistant or good at hiding stains for the living room…is there such a thing? :)

      • I answered above–it’s not near as prickly as seagrass-and it is cushy, but there still are a few prickles–read my comment above and read the reviews on the website to get a “feel” no pun intended :) of it it would be soft enough for you!

  8. The Waltons is also a good way to hush your house! Loved that show!

  9. Nester, your posts on summer-izing brought back some great memories for me. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, my mom, grandmother, and aunts all “changed the house” twice a year. In the Spring, the heavier curtains/drapes came down, were cleaned, and then packed away. Windows were cleaned, mattresses taken outside and sunned the entire day, and rugs cleaned. Then up went lighter, airy curtains for the season. In the Fall, the heavier window treatments reappeared… windows were cleaned again, and yes–out went the mattresses. I enjoyed the Spring change the most, since it meant that lazy days were ahead—days of going barefoot, picking strawberries, helping grandmother can the produce, and fishing in my grandparent’s pond. Thanks for the memories.

  10. I thought the herringbone rug was just purchased in December 2012 or January 2013 instead of 4 years ago? I’m surprised it would already have deterioriated that fast. The torn strip appears to be really thin. Is there something else acting as a backing on that rug or is it really that thin? I’ve been keeping my eye for patchwork cowhide rugs since you first posted about your’s from Joss & Main and it appeared to be really durable based on your other posts, so I was wondering if the thickness is similar to regular cow hide rugs or if it has an extra backing added to it. I haven’t found the perfect color combo or pattern yet, but now I’m not sure if these rugs are worth it if they don’t last more than a couple of years. Do you think a carpet pad would help with the durability? Have you had problems with other cowhides through Joss & Main? Thanks.

  11. I am considering this rug, could you please tell me if it is soft under foot?

  12. Does a jute rug smell like burlap? And if so, for how long? I do love the look of it, but not sure I could stand that smell filling a room/house! Haha
    Your hushed house makes me want to come over and rest for a while!

  13. I’m loving this series of posts! And really wishing I didn’t live in an apartment with all white carpeting so I could do something fun to hush my house like change a rug…

  14. I love how this one change really does quiet the whole room!

  15. Does this rug shed easily? I am struggling to find a jute rug that does not get all over my kids clothes when they are done playing on it.

  16. Beautiful rug! You’re so right, the neutral color just quiets the room right down and opens it up. Thanks for sharing the inspiration for our summer houses. jonni

  17. How does the jute rug handle dog hair? I have a shedder!

  18. Looks beautiful, I love it!!!

  19. I have this rug and love it! I have my rug in an apartment with a standard rug pad underneath on a wood floor. I’ve had my rug about 2 months.

    To address some of your concerns listed:
    1. my rug does shed. Kind of drives me nuts that I can see the fibers on the floor, so I sweep a couple times per day. I’ve been told it will stop with time.
    2. my rug was kind of stinky when brand new, but that wore off within a week or so.
    3. it was also kind of rough, but I’ve grown use to it now and walk on it bare foot with no problems.
    4. everyone who comes into my apt LOVES the rug! It really has a great texture, color, and feel.
    5. I don’t have any children living at home and I have a small dog that does not shed, so I don’t know how well that holds up to those issues.
    Overall, the rug is wonderful! I’ve learned to live with the sweeping but do hope that will subside soon!

  20. I have this rug, too, and I can personally attest that it is BEAUTIFUL, thick, and obviously handmade, which is exactly what I wanted. I get lots of compliments from everyone who visits my home. That said, there are some things I definitely do NOT like about it:

    1) It’s dirty. Honestly, it sheds a tremendous amount of what looks like dark river silt, all the time, to the point where when I change out this rug I will probably have to get my hardwoods professionally cleaned. I read somewhere that *handmade* jute rugs are often manufactured by laying the reeds out in a river for long periods of time until the water makes the fibers degrade enough that they can be peeled apart and woven. I wonder if all the dirt is just a natural byproduct of the process. Either way — I would never put this rug on carpet.

    2) This rug has a definite earthy smell. I don’t mind it (actually, I like it), but an unfortunate result of the smell is that my toy dog thinks the rug is a patch of grass, and we’ve had trouble teaching her not to do her business on it. I’ve never had this problem with my other natural-fibers rugs (i.e. seagrass).

    3) Make sure you raise your vacuum’s beater bar up to the high-pile setting or it’s easy to get this one snagged.

    All in all, this rug is a great value for the money, and truly gorgeous in person. But still … some drawbacks to consider. :)

  21. And P.S. Nester, your house just looks fabulous. :) I’m constantly refreshed by your willingness to change things up when you get bored with them and to experiment with unconventional looks. I think I’ll put up my feet and stay awhile! :)

  22. I’m wondering where you got those three wall hangings of the different kinds of antlers, that are in the first picture of your living room? I create antler baskets and antler basket wall sculptures and would love to have those pictures hanging in my studio. Would make an interesting addition since I use those antlers all the time in my creations; elk, caribou and moose along with whitetail, red deer and fallow deer. Love your blog and am a recently new subscriber.

  23. tasha roe says

    We purchased that same rug, and while it is adorable and the texture is really pretty I would never buy it again and I would advise anyone to NOT BUY IT!
    I have that chunky rug from RugsUSA and a few words of caution –
    It breaks down leaving a TON jute power under the rug = a nightmare when it’s moved.
    It is terrible under dining room chairs because the chairs can BARELY be moved when sitting in.
    Don’t put it in an area that will need cleaned a lot – under a dining table, living room, or high traffic spot. I cannot be vacuumed or swept. It has to be vacuumed by hand with a small non-rotating attachment to be cleaned.
    Talk about a total bummer because I loved how it looked; it’s just not practical.

  24. I have this same rug, and agree with the comments above about it shedding like a beast, as well as the powder/mess under it. I’ve had mine about 5 years with a family of 6 walking on it a LOT. I would never buy this rug again due to the shedding/mess issues. The tassels on the ends look awful and have unraveled a lot. On the upside, the big knobs in it feel like a foot massage when you walk on it, but they flatten out with wear.

  25. Wow! I love the layered look. This gave me a lot of great ideas to try. Thank you.

  26. These are some AMAZING rugs! I love the layering one – really adds so much to the space, actually! Glad to see your home all summer-ized. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Love this post! Would the rug go with light grey walls?

  28. In the above post you have a link that takes me to the rug site but the color is called Bleach. Is that the same as the Chunky Maui rug in BEIGE mentioned in your article? Any tips would be helpful.

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