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blue jesus calling

Finally. DaySpring, Nesting Place’s friend and sponsor of this post has done it.

family room





find it?

If you look back at all these photos of our old house they all have one thing in common. Actually, they have many things in common–floors that need to be cleaned, messy, imperfect rooms, lived in and loved on pieces. But besides that…


You can play Find the Jesus Calling in all of those photos. Because in our house, it’s always sitting out. And a few years ago, we bought a tall stack of them and gave them away as Christmas gifts. My sister and her husband have done the same, and we always joke about who’s gonna buy them all up from DaySpring. Even now we always keep a little stack around to give away because I love the gift of books. I even left one at The Cottage for me or anyone else who is there.

I admit I’m a devotional snob. I normally am not a fan of them. I’m guessing it’s an INTJ thing or maybe I’m just a horrible person, I”m not sure yet. But I love Jesus Calling and it’s a great companion devotional reminding us to abide, rest and receive. If you aren’t familiar here’s what they say about it:

This beautiful 365-day devotional is written as if Jesus Himself were speaking directly to you words of hope, encouragement, comfort, and reassurance. Experience and enjoy refreshing peace in the presence of Jesus as you read and meditate on each daily devotional and relevant Scripture.

jesus calling for kids

We have the kid version (see it up there on the coffee table) and the app version–it’s the most expensive app I’ve ever bought but so worth it because then I never have to pack the book when I go on a trip.

I’ve only ever had ONE complaint with Jesus Calling.

The color.

Burnt orange. It goes with nothing in my house, she said vainly.

his bedside

My husband’s beside table with his current reads and crumbs, I did not alter this stack in any way.


My bedside table. Do you see that? Do you notice the lack of burnt orange?!

blue jesus calling

Jesus Callings

The Blue Jesus Calling was designed exclusively for (in)courage– I like to think they read my mind and created it just for me. Also, it has the verses printed out at the bottom so you can read those right in the moment. There’s even a little room at the bottom of each page where you could keep your One Line a Day journal or to number your 1000 Gifts–or whatever notes you want to scratch in down there. Some pages have more room than others but I’m totally gonna make this work for me.


Use code NESTBOOK to get 40% off the (in)courage Jesus Calling now until October 1st. They already on sale from $24.99 to $19.99, you can get 40% off that price and IF you spend $50, you get free shipping! Time to stock up on a pretty blue stack of gifts for teachers, friends, graduation and Christmas for just about $12 each. But if you don’t have one for yourself? Start there. Meanwhile, just for funs, DaySpring is giving away 5 Jesus Callings at their facebook page.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jesus Calling!! The words in that little book have given me the peace I needed on so many occasions. Room at the bottom of the page would be great, might need to snag another copy :)

  2. I have never read or checked out Jesus Calling, but maybe I will. The house is looking nice and its cool to see real shots of people in the pics. Shows the lived in space.

  3. I had been thinking I need a new devotional book and this one looks great from what I read on the preview pics on the site. Just ordered one for myself and one for my mom (maybe a Christmas gift for her?) and thanks to your code it saved me the cost of shipping! Thanks! Can’t wait to get it!

  4. I love this post! Thanks for letting us know about the new cover. I don’t have a copy of this book but the blue cover has now won me over! Autumn blessings to you & family! Hugs, Heidi

  5. I actually just bought the book with the orange-y cover and received it in the mail yesterday. I really wanted this blue one though and the coupon code is super helpful. I’m ordering it again and know I will really appreciate the bible verses right on the page and an area to write. Both things I thought would be nice this morning while I read it. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for this. I have been looking for a good daily devotional. I just ordered it. Thanks again and blessings, Debbie

  7. I bought the app right before I left for Kenya and have read it ever since, it is my absolute favorite devotional!! I’m also a book giver, they are my favorite gifts to give and get (besides handmade of course!)

  8. AGH!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for saying it out loud! I have felt the same way about devotional books, I DO NOT LIKE THEM! :) But I love Jesus Calling and have given so many away. :)

  9. Hi ,Nester! I’m a huge fan! FYI – Your friend Kristi just finished my sectional slipcover! Thank you for the inspiration! (You can catch a glimpse on my blog I love Jesus Calling too. We, too, have the orange one ;) – but I purchased a lovely orange/turquoise vase from Anthropologie that seemed to make it match the rest of the house ;) But what I also noticed on your table was the book You’re Already Amazing. Boy did I need a sign today and that was it! Just ordered a copy from Amazon and can’t wait to read that one. Thanks, for the lovely effort you put into your blog – Love it!!! Leigh

  10. Thanks for this! I have heard about this devotional from friends and this was just the spark I needed to buy it for myself. I also bought copies for my mother and mother-in-law.

  11. So many people I have given this book to have come back and told me they enjoy it. Yes, the new color is awesome, but I already have a leather-like brown colored one. What I’m excited about is having the verses printed right on the page. Because, let’s be real, how many of us actually take the time to look up the Scriptures every day? Now we don’t have to! This and the original (NOT the revised) My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers are my favorite devotionals.

  12. My sister requested Jesus Calling for Christmas last year. I had never heard of it but she raves about it. LOVE the new color and cover. I will be using a gift card to order this ASAP, to go along with Emily’s book Grace for the Good Girl that I bought last week…which I am convinced she wrote specifically for me. You know, me and the thousands of other women who have lived the life she describes. What an incredible message of grace.

    Looking forward to meeting you both at the Barn event! Love that it’s minutes from my house…what a blessing.

  13. “I agree about the color” she agreed vainly.

  14. I saw the first picture and instantly started googling “spiffy Jesus Calling cover”! Okay, I did “blue” instead of “spiffy,” but I’m guessing Google would have still known what I meant. Wonderful post for one of my favorite books. In fact, most of those are on my Kindle right now :)

  15. Love love lovE “Jesus Calling”. It has been part of what has carried us through a difficult season. I have a tan leather version that my sister bought me last year. I ordered a bunch of blue ones for gifts….but I may have to keep one in the house. It is my favorite color, after all…and I love that it has the verses printed out and a little room. My husband can use the tan one. :) The burnt orange one would match his office though…SO MUCH Texas Longhorn memorabilia. So much.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  16. It’s my very favorite devotional. It’s gained a lot of popularity and that makes me so happy! It’s such a great gift and such a comfort every day.

  17. I really like the pics of the house in normal use, looks great. Seems from all the comments that I will have to check out this devotional.

  18. I’d never heard ot this book until a couple weeks ago when my neighbor gave me a pink copy after I told her I had breast cancer. I really enjoy reading it! I have heard of the book One Thousand Gifts and put it on my list to buy. Has anyone else read it?

  19. Yep, that totally took care of Christmas for me for the girls in my life.
    Thanks for the great sale code!

  20. Cheri…
    Someone gave Bria a copy of Jesus Calling for her graduation, and for the first time in her life, it has inspired her (or should I say the Lord used it to inspire her) to be in His Word each day. She often posts quotes and passages that have been her little reading.
    I’m ordering my own copy… especially since it’s lovely blue now!
    thanks for posting and being real!

  21. Love your blog and hope the new house is coming along well.

    Regarding “Jesus Calling” I would like to share a word of caution. I know it’s well loved but the book itself is not Biblical and is down right dangerous. The church I attend went through the book with the Women’s Bible Study and explained why it is dangerous. This website does a great job of quickly explaining why it should be held in extreme caution.

  22. i’m getting it because it’s blue and because you (who are so close to me in personality type INTP) recommend it. i’m a typical devotional hater too. (and i hate to say devo hater since that sounds like i hate jesus and i totally don’t.)

  23. I have this in the app and the burnt orange, but I really want this one!!! Really BAD! Thanks for sharing! :)

  24. I was at the influence conference this weekend. Daysprings put Jesus Calling calendars in our swag bags. I pulled mine out and immediately thought of you. I plan on getting to know this little resource well. Thanks for the encouragement. Amy

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