The Perils of Decorating


After the 30 day no-accessorry challenge (hate me, I call it something different in every post) I put out just a few of my choicest accessories in every room. In my office, that meant I put the antlers back on top of the armoire.

Of course, then I was taking photos for that book which will not be spoken of and I found myself standing in odd corners and balancing on small items to get just the right angle. At one point I was trying to get a straight on shot of my chair and I was standing in front of the armoire and happened to back into it.

With a thud.

What happened next was shocking. Remember, I had just a few hours earlier put those antlers back but I hadn’t pushed them waaaaaaaay back like they had been for years prior. When my hiney bumped the front of the armoire the antlers fell down and my backside was in their path of destruction. Their pointy grip of death. Their sharp, inescapable objects of impalement.

I was punctured.

If I didn’t have such a cushy hind end, the antlers could have really caused some damage.

Let my puncture wound stand as a testament to us all, please remember to secure your antlers. And while you are at it, don’t hang heavy things above your bed.

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  1. Ouch! I’m trying not to laugh at your predicament.

  2. that just proves how important is it to have that little extra “padding” – it is purely for security reasons !! ;-)

  3. mmm … maybe they missed wherever they’d been residing the past few weeks and were trying to find their way back home?


  4. Well, thank God for such a cushy hind end, which many of us DON’T gave ;)

  5. Mitra Pratt says

    At least worse things did not happen…and it wasn’t in public!

    I’m still not over it!!!

  6. hysterical laughter!!!!!! glad you had “protection”
    I’m going to start looking around my house to see if my “padding” has a protection purpose–ha!

  7. I’ve heard of the running of the bulls, but I didn’t know to run from antlered armoires! You never know how many tushies you might save with this PSA!

  8. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh too :-/

    As for hanging things above the bed, or even loose objects on shelves of any description, here in earthquake-prone New Zealand we tend NOT to, unless it is very securely anchored :-D

  9. So not fun – ouch!

  10. Lol! Oh the perils! Last summer I was taking photos of the outside of our house when the fish flies were at their worst. I was running running around like a loon, waving my arms, trying to avoid them AND take photos. Oh, what the neighbors must think.

  11. OMG how scary!!!

  12. So glad you are OK! I’ve always had a fear of hanging heavy objects over the bed, what would you think of a post about ideas for decorating with lightweight objects in that area? Or have you done such a post?

  13. You mentioned the most important thing: you’re ok. But you neglected the second most important thing: did the antlers break?

    And, yes, you can speak of your book. I can hardly wait!

  14. Glad you are OK, but that is pretty funny :)

  15. OMG. Hope you’re o.k. :(

  16. oH My, I am glad that you are okay. And don’t hate me, but I hope those lovely Mule Deer antlers are in perfect shape too!

  17. I feel like there’s a hipster somewhere who would pay good money for a antler piercing…. Perhaps you’ve stumbled on a trend? (Literally.)

  18. Those of us who love to write, always enjoy reading a great story teller! Glad to hear that there’s a book in your unmentionable future!

  19. oh no! be careful! even your house is trying to tell you that you don’t need so many accessories!

  20. LOL !!!!!! The perfect storm…

  21. Every time I see a picture of your desk, I want to jump into the photo and pull it into my house via my computer screen, lol.

  22. Oh, Nester……..ouch!!

  23. Glad you are OK but those of us who live in earthquake country would never put something up high without securing it with some museum putty or a simple nail. Since it is the office maybe just some stacked books will satisfy your need to fill that space and be much less dangerous!

  24. you my dear are H Y S T E R I C A L! i (along with ALL of your devoted readers) are so glad you are okay…and *because* you are okay we can all chuckle a bit at the thought of a giant pair of antlers poking you in the backside. It’s as though you staged your very own running of the bulls in Pamplona! (p.s. I’m not an antler whisperer or anything… but I’m pretty sure they let you know how they feel about being taken down. Just sayin’)

  25. I am glad you are all right! They really need to send you a photographer!

  26. Bless your heart. And your hiney. : ) Feel better soon!

  27. It’s like when a quarterback scores the winning touchdown but breaks a rib in the process… took one for the team!! Decorating is risky business…..

  28. I’m sorry, but the thought of that is hysterical! Were you scared? Do you think they did it on purpose? :) Seriously, thank goodness that thing didn’t impale your head! Decorate carefully.

  29. Those chairs look like works of art!

  30. a set of antlers attacked the telephone service guy at our house a few years back. he bent down to do some wiring and when he stood up, he got impaled in the forehead! I was horrified. there was a little blood! later that night I told my husband and he was amused that the guy could now brag that he survived an actual elk attack!

  31. Agreed! Furniture and accessories are SO much better when they have a story! :)

  32. Thank you for this! I feel for your pain but I am so laughing at the humanity of it. Just real life.

  33. Those chairs are awesome! and sorry for the boo boo but it goes with life right?

  34. Glad you’re doing ok! I love those white chairs…. can you tell me where you bought them?

  35. Too funny! Well, not really. But you know what I mean! See, that extra padding does come in handy sometimes. :-)

  36. Oh gosh, I had a very similar accident a few years ago. I had stupidly placed a huge stone elephant ornament on top of a tall (7ft) chest. One head injury later and I learnt my lesson about accessory placement.

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