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Because I am nothing if not nerdy, I was looking so forward to the emergence of the 17 year cicadas this year. Growing up in Indiana I have fond memories of deafening cicadas during summer evenings. But I think I missed it this year. Or Charlotte missed it. I still hear one or two at night but nothing like the Biblical proportions I was secretly hoping for. So please, I need to know did you get a bunch of cicadas in your yard? Was it awesome?!

Mark your calendars. August 6. Click here to watch the video if it’s not playing here.


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  1. none here in atlanta …yet. but man, those things can rock it! happy weekend.

  2. not a peep here in Salt Point, NY … but not too many miles away it’s one great big cacophony of noise! {and that’s a mighty big word for me early on a Saturday morning!}

  3. I am cracking up at the map of the cicadas! We don’t have them here in my neck of the woods (MS).

  4. Cicadas? Never heard of them, on the west coast! I did live in the midwest as a kid and have wonderful memories of catching fire flies at night, in jars. Or, we’d make “rings” with their glowing body part that we broke off and stuck to our fingers! Looking back, it’s hard to believe I did that!

  5. Heard them last week in the north Georgia mountains – none in Central Georgia, where I live.

  6. Growing up in Ohio, this was also part of our summers. The first sound of the cicadas=6 weeks until frost. However, there was a cicada swarm a few years back right over Memorial Day and the announcers at the golf tournament in Columbus, OH could hardly be heard over the ruckus. It was pretty cool.

  7. Apparently, there are 13 and 17 year cicadas (in addition to the general run of the mill cicadas that are always around) and apparently they don’t come everywhere in the same year. I googled them and found a link that has a chart that helps you determine what year they will arrive in your area. I too had been wondering where they were, but according to this chart I may not see any this year. Of course there can be stragglers as early or as late as four years. So really there doesn’t appear to be any real consistency. I think their little red eyes are just a little creepy. Here is the link if you are interested in finding out more:

  8. The cicadas were in Virginia this year and my miniature Dachshund must have eaten her weight in those things over the month they were here. We were afraid she’d explode but you can’t keep them from eating the cicadas when they are literally everywhere! And the roar was deafening! I also look forward to them, they bring back memories of my childhood.

  9. No cicadas in Oregon BUT a dear east coast friend did feature twice battered cicadas with homemade aioli at a recent dinner party! No joke…she claimed it was a once-in-a-17-year experience. Wish I could post a picture for you.

  10. They were horrible two summers ago here in Missouri, loud and then dead all over the yard and I look forward to that not happening again for awhile!

  11. Kristen says:

    It depends on where you live if it is a big year for cicadas. We are in the Dayton, oh area wnd our last big year was in 2004 for the 17 year cicadas. Also if you live somewhere with olde homes and trees you are more likely to get more. Newer homes means the cicadas buried unde ground were dug up.

  12. I visited my sister in Virginia and they had tons of the them. It was extremely loud! We didn’t get any in Minnesota.

  13. I’m in Northern Indiana. It’s been a weird “summer” so far. It’s usually late July/August before the cicadas get warmed up around here.

  14. One of my friends here in southwestern Montana found one in her back yard. Finding them here is pretty much unheard of, so no, we haven’t had a BUNCH, but we’ve certainly had more than normal!

  15. I’m in central Indiana and haven’t heard them yet either. I can remember in 2002 we have an incredibly large amount of them. I don’t get the 17 year thing b/c they’re here every year. I love the noise, gotta be one of my favorite bugs. I look forward to showing those weird exoskeleton s to my little boys. I have memories of hearing the cicadas in southern France. I even have a provencal tablecloths with cicadas on it.

  16. Went camping in northern VA in May this year and heard tons of them. It was deafening! They’ve calmed down now.

  17. I think it’s the saddest thing ever that the Civil Wars can’t stay together. My brother shares office space with them in Nashville and runs into Joy at a local coffeeshop (he’s a booking agent there….he does Mumford and Sons–Yay!). He says this is truly their last work together. They just can’t make it work. :(

    Still…I keep hoping.

  18. Finally heard some hear this year.
    I’ve been listening for them as well.
    This year marks our 17th anniversary in this house. I told all of my kids I want them to come over to hear them…these Cicadas that have been hibernating since the summer we moved here and my kids were just wee-babes! (not really wee babes…but it sounded good didn’t it)
    They were all under 10 years old though.

    I hope to hear more in the coming days. ~Pat

  19. Mindy Rogers says:

    That Mary Randolph Carter quote is going up on my fridge first thing tomorrow morning!

  20. We’ve got them here in West Point, NY! My husband and I (self-professed nerds) have decided they sound like the old school Star Trek phasers. Needless to say – AWESOME. :)

  21. I HATE cicadas! They are nasty!!! I moved from CA (no cicadas!) to MO (lots of cicadas!) when I was a teenager, and I still haven’t got used to them. We call them “Lawnmower Bugs” here, because they are as noisy and obnoxious as someone constantly running a lawnmower A*L*L SUMMER LONG!!!! ;)

  22. That Civil Wars track is haunting, in a good way.

  23. We just moved to about 45 minutes north of Charlotte, and I haven’t heard many here, either! We did hear a few about a month ago when we were taking an evening walk on some walking trails in the woods.
    We actually had way more cicadas in Missouri! And they would make noise all Summer. I thought the sound was cool, but some people hate them. ha

  24. Bronwyn says:

    We had lots of them here in VA!! They got a little annoying if you live next to a lot of trees, but since our house is in the middle of a field, they weren’t too bad. They are starting to die off now.

  25. Melanie H. says:

    I thought we had the 17 year cicadas last year in the Charlotte area? I remember it being really loud & we had big flying insects (I can’t remember the name now) that would burrow & they came out specifically to eat the cicadas…But I think Northern VA had them this year b/c I saw some friends post on FB about how loud it was! So fascinating!!

  26. Are you kidding?!?!? We had TONS in central Virginia. So many that for awhile we couldn’t walk through the grass without crunching the shells. Kinda cool, ’cause I have a touch of nerdy, too, but also really gross. :)

  27. Courtney says:

    i grew up in iowa and we heard cicadas every summer it seemed like. my dad would find their outgrown husks and we had a collection in the garage. i just realized i really miss them, they equal summer and we don’t have any here in ohio. bummer man.

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