Confession. I pulled three pillows out purely for looks.

You know how the other day I told you about how when I removed all my pretty beautiful distractions I saw things that were undone and magically, I felt like doing them so I’ve been getting some quick little projects done that I had put off for almost ever?

Well, beautiful distractions can work both ways. They can distract you from things you need to do. But they can also distract you from things in your home you don’t like. In a way, this is the highest calling of accessories. Because without pillows, I hate that sofa. It’s wrinkly and faded and so boring. But I had removed the pillows for this month’s experiment because I wanted to fully grasp all that there was to learn about not having accessories.

Then my husband casually told me that he asked someone to stop by. Someone from the neighborhood home owner’s association. Someone whom I’ve never met. Someone who represents people who haven’t meant to I’m sure, but whom I’ve felt very judged by. Let’s just say a few people in our neighborhood weren’t happy when we put a tire swing up four years ago, and there have been other incidents.

So the very first thing I did was run down the stairs and pretend I was a new person coming to my house and I desperately didn’t want this person to think we were the type of folk who use folding chairs and empty boxes for all of our furniture or that we were secretly putting up tire swings inside our house. I wanted them to see how sophistimicated I was with my plastic spoon wreath and book page decorations. So naturally, my solution was bringing down three pillows from the accessory holding room to put them on this sofa in the first room you see when you walk into the house.

Yep, that made all the difference.

Thank you for allowing me to be crazy. Also? I’m leaving the pillows.

New here? Some friends and I are almost in the middle of a little experiment of 30 Days Without Home Accessories.