My Tufted Bed :: A Review of the Skyline Linen Nail Button Wingback

I ordered this bed back in February or March of 2012 and I wanted to give you an update on how we like it so far….

skyline tufted bed review

{UPDATED:: It’s now 2014 and the price and reviews have changed. My thoughts:: I still LOVE the bed (it survived a move just beautifully) and I would buy it again. The price on Joss & Main fluctuates but is still worth watching, same with Amazon.}

I happened to find this tufted bed through Joss and Main.  The price was $535 for the entire queen bed (not just the headboard) and that included shipping.

This is the bed I was originally going to purchase.  Tufted beds pop up a few times a month through Joss & Main so I had done my research on this particular bed (the one above), oftentimes Joss & Main will list the maker so you can google and read the reviews for the products before you purchase them. At the time, this bed had great reviews and I couldn’t wait to buy it.

But during the next sale, that bed wasn’t included but another bed by the same maker, was. I had $165 in credit burning a hole in my virtual cute orange skinny jeans pocket so I bought a different bed on a whim–the bed I have now.  After I bought my non-returnable bed I figured I should do some research and see if I could find some reviews. Here’ the review back in 2012::

I didn’t take a screen shot at the time but as you can see, When You Click on Skyline Tufted Bed today that reviews are 3 out of 5 stars.  Also, the price is a lot higher on Amazon.  I think it was within $100 at the time, today the Queen costs more than any other size which proves it’s worth watching something for a few weeks before you buy.   Back to my point, SHEESH, 3 stars?  What have I done?


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.03.43 AM

(Update: here are the reviews for the king bed (queen is currently unavailable in the same color) in March 2014–much better!)

So I read the reviews here’s the most famous review, the one that scared me::

1) Bed is a nightmare to put together and is not sturdy feeling once constructed.
2) The fabric was coming apart in some areas of the headboard.
3) The nailheads aren’t real. They are plastic and only every 5th one is more real looking but it stands out from the other row of plastic “nailheads”.
4) There were a few places where the screw area was off and/or it was stripped so it didn’t even take the screw.
5) The chemical treatment of the fabric stays pretty strong for a good week. It can give you a headache, even waking up with one.
6) The space between the headboard and the bottom panel is too far, it leaves a huge gap in the middle so it looks unfinished.
7) The back of the headboard is open and not covered w/any material. Just wood partical board with splinters sticking out (be careful).
8) The bed only comes with 3 panels for the front and two sides, not the headboard side. You cannot have this bed anywhere except up against a wall otherwise, you’ll see all the unfinished areas.


After reading that review on Amazon, I just knew this bed was going to be made of cardboard, covered with rayon and stapled together.  But I had no other choice than to wait until it was delivered to see my regret in person.  So we got the bed.  And my anticipated disappointment wasn’t disappointed.  I posted this photo and words on instagram 22 weeks ago:

“Headboard for our new bed, I can already tell it’s a dud. It’s not tall enough, I think there will be a big gap b/n our mattress & where the headboard starts. Deciding if I want to keep it. But I like a challenge.”

And then because I am impatient smart, I grabbed some of the parts and mocked up the bed before we took the old one down.  Oh, things were beginning to look up.

Now I’ll take the observations from the review that scared me and pair them with mine after using the bed four months my words are in pink::

1) Bed is a nightmare to put together and is not sturdy feeling once constructed.

I’d love to say that I put it together but I didn’t my husband did and said it wasn’t any easier or more difficult than any other piece of furniture that he’s put together from Ikea and other places.

2) The fabric was coming apart in some areas of the headboard.

Mine was perfectly  fine on mine, but yes, that is a HUGE deal if the fabric is coming apart you’d need to return it–if you got yours from someplace like Joss & Main even if it’s non-returnable, if there is a flaw you need to call and they should help you.

3) The nailheads aren’t real. They are plastic and only every 5th one is more real looking but it stands out from the other row of plastic “nailheads”.

Yes, they used the nailhead trim that you can buy already connected.  Every 6th or so nailhead is real and sticks up a little further.  It’s a complete non-issue for me.  Makes me wonder if people don’t have anything better to do than contemplate the size of their 1/3 inch nailheads on their bed.  Of course, I am a self professing Imperfectionist, so keep that in mind.  If this bed cost $3000 the fake nailhead trim would be annoying and a cheap shortcut.  I didn’t think it mattered on a $500 bed.  Of course, they are charging $900 on Amazon now, pick your battles.

4) There were a few places where the screw area was off and/or it was stripped so it didn’t even take the screw.

I specifically asked my husband about this and he agreed that some of the screws had to be coaxed into their place.  He shrugged and said it wasn’t unlike other things he’s put together and was no big deal at all. Keep in mind we have bad luck with stuff and always have to sweet talk the parts together so he’s used to stuff like this and he works with tools for a living so it’s not a big deal for him.

5) The chemical treatment of the fabric stays pretty strong for a good week. It can give you a headache, even waking up with one.

I am the world’s strongest smeller.  I can smell when someone near me burps so naturally, I was concerned about this envisioning me sleeping on the sofa for the next two years because my pretty new bed gave me headaches.   I noticed a smell for about two days, got no headache and any smell disappeared.

6) The space between the headboard and the bottom panel is too far, it leaves a huge gap in the middle so it looks unfinished.

I want to go in-depth on this point because this can be an issue with most beds that are sold online like this.

YES.  This is true IF you have a  thin mattress and or box spring. This was the point I was most worried about.  We have a regular box spring and mattress of average depth (plus a cushy feather bed that really plumps up the depth of our mattress and you cannot see a space between the headboard and mattress.  But if so it would have driven me crazy.

See what we are referring to?  The headboard doesn’t go all the way to the floor, it ends right at the top of the mattress.  So if your mattress isn’t very thick, there could be a gap.  If your mattress is really thin?  There could be a big gap.

7) The back of the headboard is open and not covered w/any material. Just wood partical board with splinters sticking out (be careful).

Mine has black muslin covering it but yes, you cannot turn the bed with the headboard facing the door.  So?

8) The bed only comes with 3 panels for the front and two sides, not the headboard side. You cannot have this bed anywhere except up against a wall otherwise, you’ll see all the unfinished areas.

So?  I only see beds not up with the headboard against the wall in furniture catalogs.  But yes, the back of the bed is unfinished, just like the back of my dressers and hutch and TV and refrigerator.  It will look bad if you place it backwards in your room.




The biggest issue I can find with the bed is the fact that the bottom of the headboard starts so high.  If our mattress hadn’t been as thick (I think our mattress & boxspring together are about 20″ deep) I probably would have gone out and bought a feather bed topper  but still would have been annoyed.  It’s definitely a shortcut that discount furniture makers take that you want to be aware of.

Something else I noticed is that there is a small gap on each side between the mattress and the “wings”.  Again, it doesn’t bother me in the least and I’m not sure how to avoid that because of the design.  I do like that there are wings and would recommend that for a bed like this.  Otherwise, if the two side wings weren’t there I think the fact that the headboard doesn’t go behind the mattress would be really obvious.

Of course, once you put pillows and people and blankets on the bed the little gaps become invisible.

And you don’t really notice it at all.


(how to make the duct tape diamond wall here)

All in all we like the bed, it’s very sturdy, doesn’t lean when we lean against the headboard and is a good deal for the price.  I’m really happy with it and would recommend it and purchase it again if we had it to do over.

tufted bed review skyline

UPDATE: It’s now 2014, we’ve moved the bed to a new house, taken it apart, put it back together and still, no complaints. Above is an image from the 2013 Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas magazine that featured our home and the bed was the star of the bedroom.

Here are some current choices on Amazon. I’ve noticed over the past year that the price of this bed has gone up both on Joss & Main and Amazon, it’s quite popular and I’m guessing that’s prompted it being marked up.

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  1. it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow, I am glad that person wrote the review, because I would have been VERY angry to end up with fake nailhead trim. Of course, that’s a personal make or break. That is the trouble with ordering online- you have NO idea what you are going to end up with!

    • yes, that’s why anytime I buy something online, even if I’m not buying from Amazon, I try to search there, you are right, the reviews are PRICELESS!!

    • I ordered the bed in Joss and Main and mine just arrived with real nailhead trim (all separate and not on a strip). It is possible that they changed it. My only complaint is that the linen fabric was supposed to have a silver sheen and mine is very matte gray. Other than that… it looks GREAT!

  3. What a great review, I’ve often thought about making a bed purchase online but have been fearful of the unknown. It’s so hard to know from some reviews when they’re so different – “loved it, best purchase ever!” or “Can’t believe how poorly made this was. Had to hire someone to put it together.” Soooo… Is it truly the best purchase ever and I’d be a fool to pass it up or is it because up until now that person was sleeping on a couch and are just thrilled to have a bed?? And on the other side, is it really junk or was this person the type who is completely incapable of putting their pants on correctly?? It drives me nuts! I absolutely love your new bed. It looks gorgeous in your room :)

    • yes, and even if you don’t purchase online, you still don’t know if you are gonna like something once you get it home and use it. Really, everything is a risk of some sort.

  4. mmm …. is that starlight we see sprinkled on the ceiling in the last picture?


  5. I’ve heard from numerous people that competitors like to get on amazon and leave really nasty, unrealistic reviews like the one you got. I don’t put too much stock into the reviews, but I also don’t order large pieces like that online unless they are refundable.

    I’m really glad it turned out to be something you love. It’s beautiful!

    • I’ve heard that too, I like it when the reviewer has a history with Amazon, and you can click their names and read all of their reviews and help get a feel for if they hate everything or are fake.

  6. Excellent, honest review!
    A few years ago we bought a metal bed from IKEA because the price was great. I was nervous about going from heavy wood to the open-ness of metal, so the lower monetary commitment made me feel a lot better. Our kids will never be able to use the metal bars for their gymnastics practice (without bending them) and they were bummed about that, but for normal adult usage, it is perfect. Turns out, we liked the metal and have had it now for more than 5 years with no issue. If I had paid $1,000, I would feel like I have to keep it for the rest of my life, which isn’t my style, so this is perfect for me.

  7. Thank you for this thorough review about the bed. I am looking at getting a queen bed and this was one of the beds we were contemplating. I do not have a mattress that high and I am glad you talked about this because I do not really want to purchase another mattress topper or box spring. You have helped me not make an expensive mistake! :)

    • Yeah, I don’t know WHY they cheat like that, I mean what, does it save them $10? I think a lot more people would purchase the bed if it wasn’t like that. We got lucky with our mattresses

  8. Whoops, I hit post faster than my brain could process but I wanted to add that your bed looks like a million bucks and I do love the look of the room.

  9. Thanks so much for the detailed review. I, too, have been eyeing the joss and main sales waiting for a chance to purchase and this is so helpful. Your bedroom is gorgeous!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I Love your bed! I’ve been wanting a tufted bed similar to this.. thanks for the review!!!

  11. love how you reviewed this :) your bedroom & bed are lovely! i laughed to myself, because right after first reading this, i noticed this at One Kings Lane today:

    • oh wow! hold off on it, if anyone wants it, because I have the inside scoop that it should be on sale through Joss & Main in a few weeks and it’s usually a lot less $$, I’ll let you know on the NP facebook page.

  12. I love it! It is simply gorgeous!
    Great review!

  13. I’m with you in that I ALWAYS read reviews of the product I will be purchasing either online or in store. I also purchased a headboard from Skyline off Amazon, and although it was higher priced than J&M, it was the only place I could find it in the color I wanted. Well, it came with a rip on the side, but I felt like it would had been a hassle to return, so I just sewed it, and now you can’t even tell. My headboard sits above my mattress as yours, and I can see how that can be annoying to some, but fortunately like you, my mattress is big, so is not so noticeable. I really like how your bed looks, and from far you cannot see any imperfections.

  14. Milly Skiles says

    I have never ordered from Joss & Main or One Kings Lane, etc., mainly because most of the items are non-returnable AND provide only one picture of each item. I would love to see a post (or maybe you already have one) on how these businesses work. Can you call and pepper them with questions? Do they have good access to the products they’re selling, allowing them to answer questions like the nailhead trim? What’s the best way to shop on these websites when you are basically stuck with whatever you buy?

    • I think you have to shop very carefully. They have been able to answer a few questions for me (one time a size wasn’t listed and they answered that” one time I bought a non-returnable rug and then called that same day and switched my order to a different rug from the same sale, no problem.

      I’m comforitable enough now with buying and selling and DIYing things that it’s worth the risk BUT, for big pieces like that, it’s best to google the description and look for a review and comparable prices to see what you are really getting.

  15. Very pretty bed!! I dont have a problem with faux and have plenty of it, but for me inaccurate descriptions are a deal breaker! It’s just not truth in advertising… ‘nail’ implies real nails, whereas ‘faux nail like trim’ would be more accurate and just as beautiful in its own right….just because a price is lower shouldn’t mean one is less entitled to a precise description. But then again, I have a problem with home builders and real estate listings that state “all hardwood flooring” when in reality it’s wood veneer over mdf.

  16. You’re review was very thoughtful and I’ll be honest I would have cried if I read that other review before my bed arrived.

    The faux nailhead trim would probably be a deal breaker for me (as I noticed with other readers) but at $500 maybe I’d be willing to make the compromise?

    • yes, I agree, they should make that clear. Even Z Gallerie does it like that:

      • Your bedroom is gorgeous. I’m curious… The white diamond pattern on the back wall… Is this painted over? Wallpaper? Or fabric?

        I’m seriously considering this bed and would like to know if in your opinion the nail trim would be easily replaceable with real upholstery nails? Also, would you be kind enough to give us the height from the floor at which the bottom of the headboard starts? I understand that is is in relation to the bed frame but this seams to sit on a regular metal frame, which would be at 6″ I assume.

        Thanks so much for taking the time to post such a detailed review.

  17. I can only imagine how you felt after you read that review knowing that you had a non-returnable bed on it’s way. I’m glad it all worked out.

  18. this is such a beautiful bed, thanks for the review i’ve been looking at this bed for a while. hoping another sale comes up on Joss & Main soon

  19. Oh my … the worry you must have felt about the non-returnable item! It looks beautiful … so good that it worked out better than that review!

  20. I have a question about teh fifth picture from the bottom. The fabric looks very worn. Is it, or is this just how it appears on my computer screen?

    • hmm, it does kind of look worn there–I think it’s just out of focus. It’s not worn in real life, it’s supposidly a linen which if you look at it super close is a little nubby with lines going through it, so I think if it’s out of focus (the camera was focused on the wall that you can see through the matress & headboard, it could look a little weird. But there’s been no pilling, stretching, discoloring so far! I’ll keep you posted!

  21. I just found out that Lowes sell Skyline beds. I plan to purchase one in a couple of months. Thank so much for your feedback about this product. Your review helped me in my decision. The price is excellent and I won’t go in debt to sleep pretty compared to some of the high end stores similar beds. Your bedroom is gorgeous.

    • really? Lowes has coupons from time to time, right? Seems like they have 20% off coupons floating around that you can find on ebay? Did I dream that? Wonder if you can use that on furniture. They have furniture? Wow!

  22. Whatever is causing that reflection on the ceiling & walls in the last picture (the chandelier?) is great- I feel like your bedroom is twinkling. Gorgeous!

  23. I love the bed and your room. Glad it worked out for you.

  24. The bed is gorgeous!

    One thought on the gap between the side boards and the mattress is to for allowing the comforter to be tucked in on the sides.

  25. I learned about OKL from Edie’s blog and J&M from yours. I am slightly addicted to both and have no idea how I lived so long I lived without them! Thankfully, I paid attention to your advice about watching the sales on both! Many of them rotate through so you will see the same things again in a couple of weeks. I got this same bed several months ago and LOVE it! Mine is just like yours except that my nailheads are all real and individually spaced. It was the same price and I snatched it up! I love it and agree completely with your own review. I especially love the “So?” comments!! Love you, love your blog, love your style and am so thankful for all of your ideas!!

  26. hmmm. that was an interesting review. I like the headboard. I don’t know why but I really thought when I clicked on the link you were going to give a tutorial on making it. LOL…wishful thinking huh? I love your bedroom and that carpet under your bed is to die for!! I also like what you did with the wall behind it. I need to learn how to use my imagination a little more LOL

  27. Leslee in TN says

    Love your room, it’s stunning! I recently purchased a wing back upholstered queen headboard. It looks similar to the one above in the 3rd photo down from the top… the tan colored one, only my ‘upholstered wings’ go all the way down to the floor. I purchased it through The Company Store, but can’t remember now what the manufacturer name was, without going and looking at the paperwork, but it was called the “Alexis Wingback Headboard”. I rec’d 20% off because it was my first order… had to take advantage of THAT! And free shipping. It was offered in a variety of fabrics, Velvet, Twill, Linen, and the one I selected (can’t remember what that was called right now either) :o( as well as a variety of colors. I’m VERY pleased with it and have/had NO issues with it whatsoever. Love the unique ‘wing back’ style concept. Actually, I’m more pleased with it in person even, than I was when looking at the photo online! Thanks for sharing your photos and experience! Leslee in TN

  28. seriously? the room is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the bed and the walls and the shots of pink and the brass lamps and the lantern. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Wow, I really appreciated this detailed review. I’ve put items in my Joss & Main shopping cart numerous times but never buy because of the non-returnable policy (that, and the fact that we’re packing for a move and I’m not supposed to be buying…). I’ve always wondered about the quality of their furniture, particularly chairs and sofas. Your bedroom is beautiful – looks like a magazine picture!

  30. Omigosh! I have been DROOLING over this bed on Amazon. I decided to Google it to see if I could find it cheaper and came across your post. The headboard gap that you mentioned was exactly my concern and the only reason I haven’t ordered it yet.

    Would it be too much to ask for you to measure the space between the bed rails and the bottom of the headboard so we all can know exactly the space height? I know you said that your boxspring + mattress is about 20″ high but it looks like your mattress covers the headboard just a bit. I was wondering what the minimum height would be to ensure that there is no gap.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Sure, from the place where the bottom of your boxspring will sit to the bottom of the headboard is 19 3/4 inches. hope that helps!

      • Thank you! That does help. Unfortunately, my boxspring + mattress is only 17″. :( I guess I’ll have to look into other options.

        • I think ours measures lower than that WITHOUT our feather bed–it’s like a mattress topper that makes our bed SO lush, I bought it from Target a few years ago and it is WONDERFUL…It adds a few inches to our mattress. I like it so much I bought one for the guest bed and last year one for my youngest so he could sleep better. Now my other boys want one too! So, if that’s something you think you would like, it would probably take your mattress up to the right height AND be even more comfy!

  31. Hey its beautiful! Is it considered light grey or the Dark?

  32. Thank you, you have given me much to think about as I shop for a padded headboard. Yours is lovely by the way!

  33. Really cute handyman hubby! ;-)

  34. I have this exact bed in my Joss and Main shopping cart and I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger….yet! I’m also looking into the silver one from Wayfair. But I;m so afraid to buy a bed online! Eeeekkkkk!

  35. Hi,

    Your update on this headboard is most definitely helpful! I have been eyeing this headboard for months but i bring myself to buy it online without looking at the actual piece. I must say that your reviews does help ALOT. I think I might just go ahead and purchase it. I was wondering if you have the measurements of the height, measuring from the floor up to the bottom of the headboard. I am hoping that here will not be any gap with my existing bed and box spring. Thank you!

    Oh! and your room is gorgeous!

  36. I’m sorry, but the bed looks cheap. It ruins your otherwise cute bedroom. I was just about to buy this bed on One Kings Lane, but thankfully your real-life photos saved me and I am grateful to you. The button-tufts and nail-heads are very bad looking. I’m all for not being perfect, but let’s be honest here. That bed looks horrible and your first instincts were correct. Skyline Furniture is exactly what you said “cardboard covered in rayon” It’s sold at Target and Wayfair as well. The amazon reviewer was correct and you should contact Joss and Main ASAP. They will offer you a credit if you email customer service photos. That is not a good deal. You were misled by the photos as was I. Thank you for posting

  37. Thanks for such an awesome and in depth review. My husband and I have had our eye on this bed for a few months now, but the reviews kept me cringing. I loved that you took detailed pictures and elaborated on others negative reviews. Thanks again!

  38. Love your blog! Just found it from your review of the bed! I also live in Charlotte and just saw i missed finding u by 1 day and missed your sale!! So sad!

    You seem to know the OKL and J&M sites well. There is the same one on OKL this week under the Art of Upholstery, but it’s called the Clark Wing Back Bed?? I’m wondering if it’s the exact same as yours or I’m hoping it might be a little better quality? The pictures look the sane. Do u think it’s the same and they just changed the name of it? Just trying to figure out which one to order and the sale ends tonight!

    Also, where is your rug from? ;)

  39. Thank you for your review. It made my purchase from Joss and Main easier to make. I had not heard about or known about this site until I read this. I was able to order the same bed and put it together. One thing to note – I got real nail trim on my bed vs the faux trim that you recieved. It was the same price at 535 and the packaging, etc was identical. My bed also came from Skyline Furniture. I don’t know if they’ve updated it since you bought it but it was a pleasant surprise.

  40. I just ordered this bed from Joss and Main with their Cyber Monday deal of 30% off. Couldn’t beat the price, and I’m hoping I’ll love it as much as you do! Thanks for the time you took to review your bed, it was so helpful. It took me a while to decide, because when I first thought about purchasing it (before the sale, the sale sold me!), I contacted Skyline (who makes the beds) directly and their representative claimed 18″ as the minimum height of mattress + box spring to avoid any gap……..hope he wasn’t off, because I think you said your bed assembled was a 19+” gap……’s to hoping!!

    • Putting my bed together tonight so we can shop for the right height mattress tomorrow, ours is the velvet honey and has all real nailheads in a antiqued gold. Hoping assembly goes well, mine was $564 for the complete king on Amazon.

  41. That headboard is beautiful, the whole room is gorgeous! What an inspiration :)

  42. Ahhhhhh, I am SO glad to have stumbled upon your lovely blog post! I was on the hunt for some reviews somewhere on this bed (other than the amazon reviews.) I have this bed in the light grey version sitting in my amazon cart, it’s been there for weeks…. I was afraid to purchase without seeing some “real” photographs of it. I love your room, and I’ll be buying the bed now….. Thanks so very much for your detailed post!!! :)

  43. This was a great review, and I really appreciate it (as I love this bed and am considering an upholstered headboard). But, can you tell me where your bedside tables are from? Thanks!

  44. I love this so so much! Im re doing all of my room and wanted this bed but in white! Also did you get this bed on amazon because thats where i was looking for it. Any other problems with the bed? thanks so much!

  45. Hello! Great post! Just curious about the color – the bed on amazon looks much darker than your bed, but it is the same bed, right? Do your pics show the true color – a pretty light, linen gray? Thanks…so glad I found your blog!

  46. Thank you for such an indepth review. I have been considering this bed for some time.

  47. Dying to know where you got your brass lamps and half moon console tables!!!!! please help!!!! Thanks!

  48. Yes, would love to know where you got these wonderful brass lamps- love!!

  49. Hello. What is the official color of your bed? I LOVE your entire bedroom.

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