Nesting Place and Joss & Main


Wouldn’t it be fun if we could go shopping together?

We kind of can.

Next week, the discounted flash sale site Joss & Main is having a sale of beautiful items all hand-picked by me, The Nester.  I was totally in shock kind of surprised  when they asked me to curate one of their sales, I mean, I’m a card-carrying imperfectionist.  But, I’m happy to report they didn’t force me to pick a lot of mass-produced wall art {although I did find a few sets of botanical prints that I would love to have in my own home}.  Actually, the folks at Joss & Main were fun to work with, had a plethora of beautiful items to choose from and encouraged me to curate items that go with the style here at my nest.  They were pretty much fabulous.

It was a fun process to choose items from their massive online catalog.  It actually helped me more define what I liked and everything included in this sale is either something that I already have or something I’d like to have.  I love the idea of this sale partly because I get so many questions about many of the things in my house and this is a great way for you to get the look if you need a little help.  It’s a little quirky, a little cottage and a lot beautiful.  And I’d like two of everything, please.

I’d love for you to join me next Tuesday whether you will simply be window shopping or maybe you are looking for something with a little personality to fit into your beautifully imperfect home.  No matter, I have a special invitation link so that you can bypass the waiting list to join Joss & Main.  You sign up with your email and of course, you can cancel and be removed at any time.  You’ll find useful items starting at $12 and  I’d love for you to join us next week.

Question:: What’s the largest item you’ve ever purchased online?

I’ll go first 1. Tires {my husband orders them online and they get delivered to our porch 2. Rugs–I have SIX rugs that I’ve ordered online and I will be the first to tell you that every single one of them has worked out great, no one’s more surprised than me.


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  1. Your collection looks GORGEOUS! I look forward to Joss & Main emails every day, but I’ve never actually purchased anything. I think that white ceramic owl may alter the course of history.

  2. Oh, those lockers!!!!! Congratulations on being curator!

  3. excited to go shopping with you next week, its a shopping date, with you and your thousands of fans! = ) how fun. love it.

  4. I’m going to have to join to see your selections. I love your perfectly imperfect taste.

    The largest thing we’ve ordered online? We can’t think of a single thing. We are book buyers mainly. My daughter did have a car seat delivered here and it was pretty huge.

  5. how fun!!! i’ll be sure to check it out!

    the largest thing i’ve ever bought online were two dining tables (although one i’d seen in person before ordering.) one worked. the other not-so-much for a young family…so it was returned. and i take that back…i think the largest thing ever purchased online was our fireplace surround/hearth and we LOVE it.

  6. Tires here, too! Husband gets them online at the best price.

  7. I can’t wait to see it! Love the lamp, mirror, and blue buffet especially.

    I think the largest thing was furniture, most recently a sideboard from They charge $2 for delivery, and that’s about what it’s worth!

  8. I heart joss & main! Can’t wait to check it out! My parents bought my first car online…I’m sad to say that it didn’t work out. But I love online shopping!

  9. I l-l-l-ove that wing chair. :-) I swore I wasn’t joining any more sites, Nester. But a sale curated by The Imperfectionist? Hmmmm. I’ve gotta see that.


  10. Oh my goodness, I just went on their site and loved it. Thanks for the great info. I can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things they will have on your sale day!

  11. Love this! The largest thing I ever bought online was a diamond wedding ring that matched my engagement ring. I held my breath for a whole week until it was delivered.

  12. wow this is a fabulous adventure! can’t wait…and I have to admit I get my daughter to do the buying on line…and I just pay!

  13. oh what fun! will stop by to peek!
    and yes, largest thing for us was tires too! funny and a wee bit trashy to see four tires piled at the front door!

  14. Oh so pretty! Lovin’ this blog! I must follow you on Pinterest so I can waste more of my life drooling at your fun picks!!

  15. Love your site! Cannot wait to see all of your items from Joss and Main…pretty sure they will be incredible! We buy tons online…biggest ever was our treadmill. They had to two guys to haul it off the truck and then we couldn’t lift it to get it in the house…sat on our porch for days!

  16. wow! congrats – I love Joss & Main! I’ve always wondered how these curating thingies work. So you just pick from a gigantic collection of stuff that they have? Super cool. I am so in need of a new dresser and am lovin the one you picked. Then again, I love EVERYTHING you picked! Can’t wait for Tuesday :)

    oh, and the largest thing I ever sort of bought was a 9×12 rug for my mom from overstock. She was a little hesitant (and I wasn’t of course, since it wasn’t my money – ha!) But we both absolutely LOVE the rug and the price ($550!)

  17. The largest thing I ever bought online was a big 6 foot tall off white tv cabinet/wardrobe thing from Pottery Barn. It is pretty much my most favorite online purchase as well.

  18. Our mattress (Select Comfort Sleep Number). It arrived on our porch in two large boxes and my husband and I thought, “What have we done?” However, after 9+ years of sleeping on it, I’m happy to report that it was not only the largest purchase we ever made online, it was also one of the BEST! :-)

  19. I do a lot of shopping on-line. I bought all of my kitchen appliances on-line. First, I figured out which I wanted, and then found them a few states away on-line. If you have ever purchased an appliance that has had an “issue” then you know that you don’t work with the store. You must deal with the manufacturer…so might as well get the best price when you buy!

  20. I am an junky. I couldn’t tell you the largest item we’ve purchased, because we’ve received a lot of stuff over the years…but I have purchased rugs through Amazon (best purchase I ever made, too), and I order a lot of diapers! I buy them three cases at a time so that box is pretty darn big.

    Thanks for the invite to go shopping – very cool. I would love to join.

  21. The largest thing I bought online was our faux wicker patio set from Kohl’s. Free shipping made it a really easy choice :)

  22. Very cool that they asked you to do this! How fun. :)

  23. I am an Amazon junky also, they are selling so many things now, so many vendors use them. I buy everything from canned gooseberries to lotion and makeup and even books. I use the Amazon Prime, it is $79 a year but since I moved so far from home, I know it pays for itself in postage, I use it to send as many of my gifts as possible. (Even though I read some these blogs obsessively, I am not crafty one bit.) I have an app on my phone that you can use to price things on Amazon, so you scan the barcode and can tell on the spot if the price is comparable. The largest item I bought online that I can think of was a generic Sleep Comfort style bed from Sam’s. It was even free shipping! And I love it, it’s very comfortable.

  24. How fun!! I bought our boiler to heat our house from ebay. Got a great deal, even better than our friend could get wholesale! I love a great deal!

  25. We bought all our kitchen appliances online. A bit “scary” because you better make sure it’s the RIGHT item- not too easy to return!! They literally arrived right b/f our contracter needed to put them in- thank goodness b/c we had no where to “store them”. I’ve also bought an armoire and furnature. I’m a BIG online shopper! House stuff, clothes, etc. Love it!!

  26. You know what? I’ve never purchased anything large online. Oh wait, we did purchase our granddaughter a play kitchen online last year…that’s the biggest. My husband is always saying (in his “mister” voice), “if you pay the huge s & h charge to get it here, and you don’t like it, there you are having to pack that up and paying a big s & h charge to send it back.” That always seems to put the brakes on my urge to purchase something big. If I said “pleeeeeaaaaase”, he would agree, but I’m afraid he might end up being right!

  27. I suppose computers are the biggest things we purchase online, if you’re talking about cost. Otherwise, I bought my husband a large power tool online — don’t know what it does, but it sure was heavy!

  28. Biggest thing ever ordered on line: a wood-fired pizza oven. She weights 450 pounds. But so worth it.
    Stuff for the house, I don’t have such great luck. Ordered a rug that I’m not really liking. How do you know what the colors are really going to look like?

  29. I guess the largest thing I’ve ever purchased on line was a Le Crueset Dutch Oven.

    Oh, no, it would be some replacement foam for our couch cushion!
    Rather than buying a new couch (as if…) I headed to ebay and bought a long new piece of foam. We are using a slipcover, so we just bought one long piece, trimmed the edges, put the slipcover on and Voila!

    It felt great (and a bit weird) just chucking the 3 upholstered cushions into the garbage. Old, worn…a bit smelly. GONE!
    ~ Dana

  30. Thanks for the invite! Love their stuff!

    The biggest thing I’ve ordered online was hardwood flooring for our entire main floor. The second biggest was our queen sized bed.

  31. I love everything! I bought a huge slipper bathtub online, never having seen in it person. And… I dont love it :(

  32. We bought a Lilliput kids’ playhouse. It came in a semi truck in pieces & they had a skidloader put it in our backyard. It was a gift from the grandparents. It was not as expensive as they are now & I have to say was the best purchase for the kids that has grown up with them. :) It had two stories, a loft & a firehouse pole. They changed the interior when it suited them, played house & made it ‘imperfectly perfect’! :)

  33. oh, HOW cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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