This is the Life Wooden Sign

Lots of you have asked about that This is the Life big wooden sign up on my mantle.   I got it last summer from One Kings Lane and I could not figure out who the creator was.  There was no marking on the back and I never really looked that closely at it so I assumed some robot made it.  Finally, I asked Dee from Red Letter Words if she would be able to make something similar.  So many of you had emailed me and I wanted you to be able to get one too, so I though Dee could help.   She said she could make one, but she wouldn’t because it’s a sign created by Go Jump in the Lake, a fun etsy shop.  An uncaring artist would have just said “sure!”, Dee never ceases to amaze.

I’ve even seen their work at Bebe Gallini here in town.  See those Go Jump in the Lake Signs?  Uh huh.  I’m thinking I even saw one at Edie’s house but I might be making that up.

Anyhow, the moment I found out the sign originated from an Etsy shop, where they hand make their signs, I suddenly fell in complete, love with my wooden sign.  I mean, I liked it ok before but now it’s something special.  I just thought that was really interesting how I didn’t love it that much until I knew it was handmade and suddenly it’s one of my favorite things.

But, now we all know–it’s from Go Jump In the Lake!

end of public service announcement

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  1. I want those lamps – they’re gorgeous!!

  2. I love it, the sign and the story…giving credit where credit is due!

  3. Yep, Edie has that sign on her wall. I love them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Um, yep, I knew you linked right to it. ;)

    P.S. How long has that sign been on your mantle now? I think I remember you saying it might not stay there long. I like it almost as much as the shutters.

  5. AWESOME! I have always wondered where I could get my own! thanks for sharing!

  6. Awesome signs and info!
    LOVE the Go Jump in the Lake, because we live on one…but that Epic Fail is the best! ;)

  7. Thanks Nester, I just ordered mine. I’ve been unhappy with the big painting I bought for over my sofa, I think this is just what the room needs!! So excited to get it. Are you going to Blissdom again?

    • Hey Jessica, Yippie, so glad you found something you like!

      I think I’m passing on Blissdom this year, but I still highly recommend it, especially if you’ve never been to a blogging conference!

  8. I’m very surprised that “Go Jump in the Lake” doesn’t mark their work and they should certainly begin to do so. There is such a huge trend of making “knock offs” that people don’t even realize they are infringing on another artists work. Kudos to Dee at Red Letter for having some integrity.

    • I even wondered if they do and maybe the one I got was a fluke without a marking I have a feeling by now all their stuff is signed or stamped or fingerprinted or something—anyone know?

  9. Super cute signs. I love the yellow one, I wish I had it in my yellow laundry room!

  10. Good for you for shouting out the makers! Their stuff is great!!
    PS – I’ve got a giveaway happening on my blog for some handmade items!! ;)

  11. Love the room…love the sign…. I want to paint some of my own. I’m sure many people use their Sillouette to give them a stencil….someday (sigh). Also caught a read of Why I don’t Make Tortillas. Don’t know if that was you or someone else …. but homemade tortillas are not necessarily about the money and being economical. My Hispanic mother-in-law used to make them daily and there is NOTHING like the taste of warm homemade flour tortillas. Nothing I’ve bought comes close…and we have a lot of choices here in California. Tried making them myself….but the problem is it takes LOTS of practice and time to duplicate a life-long tortilla pro. Mine never came close. If I could make them like her…I would do it even if it cost MORE than store bought….yummmm.

    • oh yes, the tortilla post linked to Crystal at Money Saving Mom–it’s a blog about drumroll please…saving money so, for her the post was about why she doesn’t make them in the light of saving money. But yes, by all means, if you enjoy something it’s worth it!

  12. Your sign is so sweet! I love text art.

  13. I think I saw their work in a Land’s End or LL Bean catalog (can’t remember which). I have admired your sign for some time. . I have it pinned because I want one.

  14. Awwww look at your cute little doggie in the picture :) Love all those signs in fact I’ve been thinking about getting one! Thanks Nester for the tip on where to buy :) Love it! (aka nucheysmommy)

  15. Hi Nester,

    Will you marry me? Even though I am a woman, not gay, and married? Just joking! I love your blog! We’re moving to our new house today (rental) and have been bying furniture (second hand) for it. I got so many cool ideas from you. Not sure what my hubby will think about my new found passion, but hey, I am doing it anyways :):) Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I really like the sign.. Graphic and fun.
    I think it’s really interesting how there’s been such a revolution the past few years. It seems to me that making something yourself use to be the option when funds were limited and you didn’t have a choice. I’m glad things have changed, because that’s no longer the case. I agree with you, handmade makes it just a little more special.

  17. Great post! I must agree…if it is hand-made from a specialty shop on Etsy…it is amazing in my book!

  18. I saw that sign on Edie’s blog and LOVED IT! I ordered one, fully intending to hang it, but it is propped up on the side of the hearth, where I think it will stay (for now!). I think it will span the seasons, and it makes me smile—it embodies how blessed I feel and the spirit I want to embrace every day. It is a great reminder to “give thanks in all things” and how “every good and perfect gift comes down from above.” Love you—love your blog–

  19. Love your blog! I just started blogging….feel free to come and take a look!


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