Lots of you have asked about that This is the Life big wooden sign up on my mantle.   I got it last summer from One Kings Lane and I could not figure out who the creator was.  There was no marking on the back and I never really looked that closely at it so I assumed some robot made it.  Finally, I asked Dee from Red Letter Words if she would be able to make something similar.  So many of you had emailed me and I wanted you to be able to get one too, so I though Dee could help.   She said she could make one, but she wouldn’t because it’s a sign created by Go Jump in the Lake, a fun etsy shop.  An uncaring artist would have just said “sure!”, Dee never ceases to amaze.

I’ve even seen their work at Bebe Gallini here in town.  See those Go Jump in the Lake Signs?  Uh huh.  I’m thinking I even saw one at Edie’s house but I might be making that up.

Anyhow, the moment I found out the sign originated from an Etsy shop, where they hand make their signs, I suddenly fell in complete, love with my wooden sign.  I mean, I liked it ok before but now it’s something special.  I just thought that was really interesting how I didn’t love it that much until I knew it was handmade and suddenly it’s one of my favorite things.

But, now we all know–it’s from Go Jump In the Lake!

end of public service announcement