Day 10:: Copy It With What You Already Have

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new here? this is the 10th post in a 31 day series:: 31 Days of Lovely Limitations

I love autumn as much as the next girl.  And when my boys were younger we went all out and decorated for every season and micro-season and day and what have you.  They loved it, I had the time and we all enjoyed it.

Now I’d rather keep things simple.  Like as simple as possible with it still looking pretty. And unless they ask for specific decorations {they’ve been known to request a creepy Halloween mantle and last year my boys installed Christmas lights on our porch all by themselves} my goal is less work, more impact. No embellishing a bunch of tiny plastic pumpkins here~not that there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just too lazy, cheap, and unorganized to do that right now.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to copy something. But when you are using what you have, the something may not even realize it’s getting copied. Take that photo up there.  I love it.  You can tell it’s autumn but it’s not overly done or cutesy or gimmicky or exhausting.  Here’s what it looks like when I replicate it with what I already have.

I played around with what I already had and tried to copy that picture up there.  Some gourds, a runner from the goodwill and a random bowl that stayed there long enough for me to take the picture then it drove me crazy.

Which prompted me to grab the big pumpkin out of my car {finally found some good ones} and I also took a quick 5 minute walk around the neighborhood and picked some dried leaf branches and some kind of yellow weeds.

I’ve gotten rid of all my pretend pumpkins and such and every year as early in the season as possible I buy a few pretty gourds and ‘kins at a local farmers market. I spend about $25 and keep them in my house for all of October and November so for the price of a bundle of fresh flowers, we get interesting, imperfect natural beauty for autumn and Thanksgiving.  Plus free branches and weeds.   Even though my table looks nothing like the first photo, it helped to have the inspiration photo as a jumping off point.

Here are a few more ideas from around my house.  You probably have lots more ideas.  Most of us have all kinds of seasonal decor in the form of food.  Look around.  Pile up some Honey Crisp apples and call it a display.

A little stack of autumn colored books add some warmth and texture and free seasonal color.

We had a get together at our house Friday night and my mother in law made a delicious and also beautifully fally maple pumpkin cake, there’s no way it’s gonna get hidden away in the kitchen.

I got the brown dried gourd at Michael’s craft store last year, it’s real but I can use it year after year.  And I always like to find a warty thing to set out too~the yellow whatever-it-is is perfect.

Of course, duh, candles.  We have them year ’round but they look the best in the fall.

One of the most important parts of fall decor is open windows.  Must. Open. Windows.

Don’t forget to put out your throws.  This one is all fancy and straight because we hardly ever sit in this poor neglected, useless room.  But we keep a big basket in our family room with a Queen sized super soft blanket and extra pillows.  We know how to live around here.

A dollar’s worth of fall.  They’re real and they’re spectacular.

When it comes down to it fall is about coziness and togetherness and natural beauty and warmth and change.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to get that feeling in your home.

Doesn’t this pumpkin resemble a bunch of cute little baby butts lined up in a circle?

Anyhow, Fall~it doesn’t have to be perfect, overly done or take long periods of time to be beautiful.


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  1. I love your inspiration picture! Added to my pinned collection :) You are right, less is sometimes more impact. I struggle with that sometimes as I use to be a “more” girl as years have gone by, my tastes have changed so good idea getting a picture….that would keep me in check with “less” decor & big impact! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tell me about the glass container holding the white candles. Finding myself enjoying the simpler look as well. Love your blog!

  3. You have created such a lovely, serene, and inviting nest. I LOVE this post… you make magazine photo worthy living spaces approachable and doable. And baby butts pumpkins… I’ll never look at them again without grinning! Thanks for a morning moment of inspiration.

  4. Love how your table vignette turned out! I, like you, have become more simple in my decorating over the years, and you know what? I love it just the same! Still feels festive around here, and that’s what I want. Love your idea of the basket with big blanket and pillows in it…might be copying that one ;-). Thanks so much for linking to me today! I’m SO enjoying writing 31 days of Autumnal Inspiration!

  5. I’m enjoying these 31 days posts so much. And, you’re right, ! the pumpkin does look like baby butts… very funny. I love those bumpy cinderella pumpkins too, haven’t seen any around here yet… If they don’t get any holes in them, they will dry and last for years…


  6. dont think ive heard baby butts and a pumkin used to compare each other. U CRACK ME UP. :)

  7. My favorite so far in this series!!! I love your vignettes and you inspire me to keep my decorating simple. Thanks!

  8. I just bought one of those bumpy ‘baby-butt’ pumpkins! LOVE them! Out here in the Amish country of Pennsylvania, they call them ‘Fairytale Pumpkins’…how fitting!

  9. Lorraine R. says:

    I actually like the way your table ended up better than the inspiration pic….what was up with that odd bowl on the corner anyway?? Who does that?? :) This is exactly how I decorate around here, it was so great to see it put so nicely in a post for everyone to see!!! Your gourds and ‘kins were adorable!!! Love the baby butt one <3

  10. I love how you used the pumpkins for such big impact. I myself am a bit obsessed with these gourds- both for how they look, and also for how they taste in recipes. Speaking of which, is there anyway you might be able to share the recipe for that maple-pumpkin cake? Being Canadian, maple is my second culinary love, so this cake sounds like an amazing combo! Thanks for your wonderful design ideas, Nester!

  11. Pumpkin maple cake? Would your mother in law let you share the recipe with us? Please?

  12. One question. When can I move in?

  13. LOVE these ideas!! I would not have thought to leave cake out, but you’re right – it is lovely!

    And love the autumn colored books!!

  14. All those little baby butts lined up in a circle…you make me laugh out loud.
    I’m going to go home and light some candles. And maybe put a tent up in my living room. And Pinterest? Pinterest scares me. But wait! Isn’t someone doing 31 Days of Pinterest? I’m sure of it!

  15. I love the simplicity of this. I too have gone absolutely overboard in years past. However, this year I pulled it out and took it back down in a matter of days. I have all original halloween art pieces and my daughter loves it, so I hate to get rid of it. But I am just wanting a clean simple feel these days. I am eager to see what you suggest for a simple Christmas decor. I thought just greenery and a few small undecorated trees, instead of the 15 trees I normally put up…But I think I want even more simple than even greenery…Please post a simple Christmas decorating post. Thanks,

  16. Beautiful decor, as usual. And, I’d love to know what recipe she used. I did a search but didn’t find one that looked like it.

  17. You took the words right out of my mouth… “I’m just too lazy, cheap, and unorganized” Thanks for that. I’m ok just the way I am.

  18. are you participating in the young house love pinterest challenge, where you choose a pin, find inspiration, and do something similar of your own?

    • My bohtrer suggested I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  19. Love the plates hung over your sofa. How did hang the large platters? Thanks

  20. So I’ve read this series several times, and rereading again. Each time I find something new and inspiring. Something I can NOT believe I didn’t catch before is the Seinfeld reference! Only my favorite show of all time- I own each season’s DVDs and have watched them all so many times. Hilarious. And such a beautiful post. :)

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