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Money really isn’t the issue when it comes to not creating a home you love.

We like to blame it on money because then we can blame it on something we don’t have complete control over.  Then we can sit back and wine and do nothing about it.

We like to think money is the difference in having a pretty home and dreaming about having a pretty home.

But really, it takes something harder to come by than money.  It’s harder to come by but easier to get, if you are willing.

It’s risk.

It’s initiative.

It’s being ok with trying something and having it look ridiculous and fail.

And it’s being ok with trying something and knowing that someone who’s home you don’t even love might think it’s ridiculous but you love it and therefore, it’s a good choice for you.

Anyone can create a pretty home using measly dollars.

I’d bet that someone with fewer resources than you has a prettier home than you.

Blaming your financial situation on not having a home you love is a cop-out. Start doing something about it today.

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