You Made a Wreath Out of What?! A Linky Party

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This is it, the mother of all wreath link up parties.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.  Since I’m in the mood to pretty up my house for my sister’s Book Release Party {BRP for short but that’s sounds dangerously close to burp} I went with the not too risky but always a crowd pleaser….the book page wreath.

This wreath is massive at about 36 inches wide.  He sits right at the wall by our front door.  I’m not going to do a tutorial since there are fifty eleven already on the internet.  Here’s a bunch of book page wreath ideas and here’s a tutorial.

I just used two different size book pages and rolled mine into cones.  No perfection here.  Then I hot glued them to a plastic covered straw wreath form.  It took a little less than an hour.

I liked it so much I made a second wreath.  This one is just a bunch of folded leaf shapes cut from a dictionary and glued around.

I’m not the first to make one and I won’t be the last.

Oh and I wanted to quickly announce the winner’s of a copy of Grace for the Good Girl::

I’ll email each of you in a bit with instructions….now let the games begin….

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  1. it looks perfect to me! definitely want to make on of those stat! :)

  2. Ooh, I’ll be watching to see what everyone makes! I’m not a wreath person, myself…but I may be persuaded by the creativity! And I’m always hoping to see ideas that can be morphed. Great party idea!

  3. pretty!! thanks for the party! :)

  4. Nester! I love both wreaths, but especially the folded leaf one. I haven’t seen that one before. Very, very nice! Thanks for hosting! :) xo

  5. GOR. GEOUS. They are absolute stunners! I love the leaf twist you pulled on the one.

    Now I wish I had made something extra special for a wreath. Ah well. I linked up the 3 I did have in 7, 12 and 14. Thanks for the opportunity to play along! :)


  6. I love those book page wreaths Nester! I can’t believe I haven’t made one yet. I love both of the ones you made! Thanks for the par-tay!

  7. Your wreath is so beautiful – I must make one, I have to have one . . .

  8. Lovely – I’m looking forward to making an autumn one with my class soon!


  9. Are they going to be the door prize at your sister’s party? Please?? Can I just buy them now? Love both – love you more.

    xoxo michele

  10. Lots of fun ideas already and the party is just getting started!

  11. Gorgeous! Your book page wreath is so full and pretty! Thank you for hosting.

  12. I am a self-proclaimed wreath-addict and I can’t wait to check out these links! Thanks so much for hosting this party!

  13. Thanks for hosting! I’m loving all the varieties, brilliant ideas!

  14. Forgot to say, that I want to copy one of yours for my book club meeting! They’re great!

  15. I am so happy to have found this party, AND that I have a wreath to contribute! Mine is made from dictionary pages too…Thank you for hosting!

  16. Well it may have been done before, but you did it better! :)

    Thank you so very much for hosting. I am off to go meet a few new friends.

    Have a Happy Labor Day!

  17. Love them and thanks for hosting! I just moved to Tokyo and insisted on schlepping all my wreaths even though I’m not allowed to hang them on my apartment door (so I bought a free standing wreath holder to put right outside my door in the entryway, LOL – my husband thought I’d lost my mind as we were packing!).

  18. Thanks for hosting the party. It’s going to be fun to get some inspiration for new wreaths to make through the links.

  19. When we moved, we found a dictionary – copyright 1958. It has about fifty eleven pages. I think that’s enough to make a wreath or two. ;)

  20. Love this .. so many beautiful ideas!

  21. Tina Lavender says:

    Eyecandy!! I am so excited, especially since fall is right around the corner and I always in wreath mood about this time of year…

  22. well, of course you had to make a book page wreath or two for the big party.

    love what you did to the chandy in the background of one of the pics above as well. clever!

    great idea for a party. Happy September.


  23. Your wreaths are awesome. I’ve seen them before but I like yours the best, especially the leaves version. That is just so sleek and modern!

  24. Thanks for hosting the party. I was so excited to link up! I’m a brand new follower too :)

  25. I can’t believe I won the book! I’m so so excited!! Thank you so much my dear. You are the best. xoxo

  26. What a great linky party!!!! The only trouble is that I fear I will have to neglect my family to get through all the links! ;)

  27. Those are so beautiful – when I get time to get “crafty,” DS and I will come back to this blog and get some ideas.

  28. I love the two different takes on book wreaths! They’re both really pretty. :) Thanks so much for hosting, Nester! I linked up my “Back to School Crayon Wreath.”

  29. The empty juice cartons wreath that my kiddos and I made would love to join the Wreath Party! All the wreaths in here are awesome — must be due to the love sprinkled all over the wreath :)

  30. I just discovered your site the other day and I read everything. I love all your ideas and
    I got my first subscriber email from you this morning and I was thrilled. Love the wreaths and
    also plan on tackling the slipcover project. Thank you for the inspiration.

  31. Ohhh…lovely! Very inpiring:)

  32. THANK YOu for hosting….I love all these options! I think I’ll be stocking up on wreath bases this year!!!

  33. I laughed out loud when you said “I’m not the first to make one and I won’t be the last” – that was the title to my blog post when I made my book pages wreath:

    Guess great minds think alike! Thanks for the link party – so fun!!

  34. Beautiful!!! Thanks for hosting!

  35. holy cow – that’s a lotta wreaths! I better get crackin’! :)

  36. Such cute wreaths! Do you have instructions for the folded-wreath leaf? I’d love to make it, but I don’t trust my ability to do it by site! Thanks so much!

  37. I’m so in love with all of them. Lot’s of inspiration here today.

  38. Hey there Nester! Thanks so much for putting together this wreath party. It’s really fun to see so many different designs that people have come up with. Your book wreath is beautiful too. You’ve inspired me to make another one…maybe after today when the kiddos are back in school. Hope you are having a fun labor day with your family!

  39. Colleen P. says:

    Well… this has convinced me of two things. I really, truly, don’t much care for wreaths, and there are a LOT of wonderfully creative people out there! LOL!

  40. W-O-W!!! I am going to be coming back to this page for days to go through all of these beautiful wreaths! There’s going to be a whole lot of Pinning going on!! Thanks for hosting such a fun linky par-tay! Love all these ideas, definitely the inspiration I needed to update my front door!

  41. Totally had insomnia last night, and I think it was this link party! Till 3 am this morning, I was planning wreaths in my head and I couldn’t make it stop!!! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration! Take care, Laura

  42. this post totally rocks.

  43. HI, this is such a great tutorial! I would have NEVER thought of using book pages….I might just have to try this :) Thanks for the party! Just saw your site from homestoriesatoz (linkup of her wreath) :) Glad I found your site!

  44. Dear Nester,
    Great post! Specially the linkys party that followed was such a catalog of ideas. I loved just scrolling through all the beautiful wreaths. A lot of talented ladies out there!

  45. Hi! Cool idea for a link party. I just uploaded three wreaths I made!!! Crazy, no? AND look at all the wreaths out there. You could have a whole blog dedicated to just wreaths. Now there’s an idea….

    Your paper wreaths are beautiful. I like the second one especially. So simple yet elegant. The way a wreath should be!

  46. LOVE this party! I just adore wreaths made of of new fun things/objects/materials! I love those book page wreaths…so pretty.

  47. If one of those wreaths is missing after the book signing, I’m going to go ahead and fess up! LOVE them! And what a wonderful way to decorate for Emily’s celebration. You are entirely too clever!

  48. So many great wreaths. I can already see my pinterest wreath board going into overdrive!

  49. Love both of your wreaths!! The leaf one is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for hosting such a fun party!

  50. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the fun party!
    I got SOOOOOOOO many ideas from everyone!
    My wreath was made from a ceiling medallion from Goodwill, LOL!
    So what if it’s weird? I had fun making it so I could come to your place and hang with your peeps!
    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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