Last spring with the addition of my white slipcovers, I had a deep little wonder….”how will I do winter with all of these cool tones?”.    I’m a lover of warmth.  Is is possible for warm and cool to coexist?

But I’ve learned that items and colors from all seasons work lovely together.  The spring succulent holds its own next to the fall gourds.

The autumn owl is happy amoung the summer sunfish and the winter fur wreath.

A furry textured rug in a light neutral color works great for summer and winter, spring and fall.

In our bedroom I went with traditionally cooler colors but because of items like a textured rug, the room seems warmer than before.  Cold feet averted.

Starfish and coral and beads and nuts can all get along.  I’ve yet to be arrested for mixing nature from different regions and seasons.

A playful scarf around the antelope head gives a nod to the season in my office.

Ruddy feathers and a white sea fan have really hit it off. I think they are in a serious relationship.  I wonder what their offspring will look like.

Things from nature will always work with other things from nature.  And cool and warm items can get along.  We lovers of shells and the costal look don’t have to pack it all up in the winter, it’s more fun to figure out a way for everything to speak to the other’s beauty.

How do you incorporate items traditionally associated with certain seasons into your home year around?