We all love the idea of entertaining guests in our home.  But sometimes, especially in a small space, the follow through can be challenging.  Here are a few ideas to make small space hospitality work.

Join me at (in)courage today to read 5 of my ideas, I’d love for you to share your ideas as well.

PS, here are some recent winners:: I’m emailing all the DaySpring winners right now and Tsh will get in touch with the book winners.

Pedestal winners:

Comment: Lana says Decisions, decisions! I love the pedestal, but I do have a few and could use the caddy for more practical purposes. Thanks for the chance to enter! :)

Comment: Mollie says I would like the pedestal!

Comment: Heather U says Oh how I love this post and the beautiful pedestal! I of course love the caddy too but the pedestal is absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for the great idea for the hostess gift. i will certainly be using that idea in the near future:)

Caddy Winners

Comment: denise says no doubt about it, i’d use the caddy much more, it could be used for such a variety of things….just love it!!

Comment: Sierra F. says Love them all! I’m doing Thanksgiving and Christmas at my house too! Thanks for thinking ahead and reminding me to start thinking.

Comment: Manda says Love the pedestal!! The caddy is cute too but LOVE the pedestal! Did I tell you that I LOVE the pedestal? Pedestal for me, please!!

Comment: jill says I think the pedastal is just beautiful and I would love it!

Comment: Kris says I would probably use the caddy more often, but the pedestal is gorgeous!!

Comment: Rachel @momshenanigans says While the pedestal is darling, I would put the caddy to use all of the time! We have a huge family and eat buffet style a bunch.

Comment: Darcy says I would be thrilled with EITHER. I absolutely love the message on all the DaySpring products. Makes it easy to give your testimony! So if they were to pick me, I would be thrilled, thrilled, thrilled.

Comment: Reagan says I love them both! I think I would use the caddy more but love the idea of having the pedestal to use in decorating.

Comment: Abbey@Practically Perfect says I love it all! I will be buffeting with my family in town for Christmas so I needed all your great tips!

Comment: The Lovely One says The Buffet is gorg… love the coffee filter wreath! I want the pedestal! Beautiful!

Comment: sara’s art house says Love them both!!!! I would use the pedestal every single day- the caddy I would use when guests come,…..actually. I would probably use that all the time too!

Comment: Shaundra says LOVE THEM BOTH! Not sure which i love more, but i do have a basket-type caddy already so I would have to pick the pedestal. And I love how big and heavy its suppose to be. I love the look of it with the glass cake cover. :) BTW~ I cannot believe you sold your coffee table. I have been drooling over it since you bought it. I wish I was close enough to come snatch it! Cant wait to see what you are replacing it with though! :)

Comment: Maggie Bogan says I think that I could use both of them all the time. The caddy would be great on my coffee table to hold remotes and ramdom action figures (yes, I have a 4 yr old boy). I could put that pedestal in any room in my house…I really love what it says.

Comment: Louise in NE OK says Love both….but would love, love, love the caddy.

And for the Organized Simplicity Book::

Comment: Teresa J. says I have recently experienced “forced simplicity” in that my kids and I moved to a new state for my new job. I simply could not afford to move everything and even though we “downsized”, I realize we still have items we can live without. On to more simplifying…would love to have the book for new ideas.

Comment: Kristie P says Wow, like so many of you here I could really use this book! Good luck to all!

Comment: heidi @ wonder woman wannabe says Looks just FABULOUS! I’d love to win a copy! ~h

Comment: Chris says I feel like I am constantly moving stuff around…would love her insight on how to declutter!