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Nesting Place the blog turned 3 on Sunday. I’m not sure what to say about that except to thank you for reading and commenting and encouraging me.  I enjoy this blog and the community more every year.  I love this place.

And, I thought I’d give you a little preview of things to come.

We’ll be talking about some simple Thanksgiving pretties and looking at lovely tables, I’ve even got a Thanksgiving and a Christmas edition of Pottery Barn Hacks already written up.

November 15th we are going to try a new kind of Giveaway Day featuring giveaways only from Nesting Place sponsors, it’s sure to be a fun filled day of entering to win some really cute loot.

December 13th  is the 2nd Annual Christmas Tour of Homes.  Mark it down on your calendar.  Or not, because I’ll probably remind you about it so much that you will wish you could forget.

Also we have some giveaways from Pier 1 Imports, DaySpring, Holiday with Matthew Mead,  Simple Mom and others,  coffee filter crafts, no stress Christmas decorating and of course some nonsensical rambling and bird watching.

Is there any topic you want to talk abut here at Nesting Place over the next two months?

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  1. danielle rice says:

    Could we talk about ways to decorate staircases for Christmas?

  2. danielle rice says:

    OH, AND, cool ways to hang stockings if you DON”T have a fireplace? :)

    • YES!!! I don’t have one either :-(

      • Ballard Designs has an awesome stocking stand! They are a pricey source but maybe you could accomplish the same look with a couple of wreath stands? Or get a couple of wreath stands and paint a wood dowel to match and hang it so that the dowel is in between the wreath stands {think how curtain rods work} and hang the stockings from them with ribbon or S hooks? Or…you could make a rack with a 2×4 and knobs or pegs and hang it on the wall?

  3. I loved the recent post you did about the life stages of your family and decorating- it would be great to see that with a Christmas focus. This year I have two toddlers so my whole set up needs to adjust for us all to survive!!! Thanks:)

  4. Happy Third Birthday!! Janell

  5. Happy Birthday Nester :) Love the boots!

  6. Happy Blogaversary!

    Maybe, if you have time, you could give some ideas on how to decorate, and celebrate the holidays while in a ‘transitional moving mode’.

    House we just bought has asbestos to be removed prior to moving in. Between permit and final inspection stages = 2 additional weeks prior to move-in. Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away! ACK!!
    Then ceiling resurfacing, depapering, and h-u-g-e amount of painting to do with Christmas right on our heels! Add in DH working out of town, kiddos hanging off my legs, and no family in state…

    ………How to decorate where we are, where we are moving, with just moving boxes….Help!

  7. DItto to fun ways to hang stockings with no fireplace/mantle.
    Ways to decorate without little ones getting into it also a plus. (How do we do a Christmas tree this year?)
    Also, just in general, I always love your ideas that move from season to season. Any posts you can do about decorating for beginners: maybe your “Top 10 Christmas Decor Things Every Woman Should Have.” and “Top 10 Christmas Decor Items that can be used Past Christmas.” Just ideas along those lines. I have limited experience in decorating (new homeowner and never decorated our apts); limited budget; an 18-month-old…so, any ideas you provide that help me navigate those obstacles to decorating. : )

  8. I would like to hear you talk some more about letting go of beautiful things that we love just because we don’t have room for them, never get a chance to use them and finding balance in using what we have and letting go of the rest……make sense? Help me make some:)

  9. I am adding that sweet little button to my sidebar right now. I have been looking forward to your Christmas linky party all year!

    Best wishes,

  10. If there was a way to set up the dinner table for Christmas with little space in the kitchen I would love ideas. It seems crazy, but I just can’t work out how to do the ‘ta-da’ thing with pots and pans around! HELP!

    Congratulations on the three year anniversary.

  11. I love that your posts are short!! Really. . just enough to stop in when I need a break and read and get inspired. I also love your pictures!!!!! Thanks for the time you give taking those and uploading those and getting them just right. Congratulations on 3 years!! Can’t wait to see what is ahead!!

  12. Yes- I participate !!
    I take to the button blog/very fun the 2nd Annual Christmas Tour of Homes

  13. I love your blog! I’d love participate in your annual party! Count me in!!!

    I love it!


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