Tables and Chairs {& a Link Up}



One of my favorite things to do is to pair up non matching chairs and tables.

southern living


decor pad

Look around your home, do you have a small pair of chairs you could try at the ends of your table?  If you have a breakfast area and a dining room, switch out a few chairs and see how that looks.  Take the bench from the hall and try it on one side of your table.

Shop the house and see if there is a more fun arrangement for your table just to change things up.

the cottage

You might find a combination that suits your family better.

{My husband eats breakfast here every morning}

Spur of the moment linky party because I am insane, do you have a table and chair combination that didn’t come together?  Do you have an inspiration photo that you’ve written about? Link up and inspire us. I’ll leave it open for a week so you can have time to add your link.

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  1. I want to do this in our kitchen–the nice big armchairs at the end–but space is an issue for us. I’ll keep looking for alternatives. :)

  2. Where did you get your living room window treatments, (cream and tan horizontal stripes)?

  3. Fun party, I’m coming back later to see what was linked up! I recently wrote an Ideabook for Houzz about mixing seating at a table, I LOVE this look! Janell

  4. Oh, Rie from Home and Harmony has the most BEEEUTIFUL mismatched dining room I think I’ve ever laid eyes on!

  5. Sorry that last pic was too big. Here you go:

  6. I love seeing the inspiration and then what you have done with yours. I linked up my navigating a thrift store with a table I found and then the exact one in some magazines. Seeing those kind of examples always makes it seem like a reality (but then there’s the issue of the four unpainted pieces of wood furniture still calling my name in our attic/shed.) :) You are always so good about painting it right away…that is the key. When inspiration strikes, just do it!

  7. I really like the top pic…the blue room…the BLUE room, that is. Very pretty!

  8. I’m with you in loving mixed up chairs and tables! I’m on blog break until after Labor Day, but couldn’t resist linking up to your party. Thanks for hosting it. Hope the rest of your summer is awesome!

  9. I Love the mismatched table/chair look. I found some bamboo chairs on craigslist and painted them, and added them to a beat-up dark wood table, also from craigslist. I like that they can take alot of abuse from the kids and I don’t particularly care if they get roughed up. Here’s a post about our dining room:

  10. I love tables and chairs that don’t match. . . so much, in fact, that none of the tables in my house match the chairs. I’ve linked up my favorite–I have a deacon’s bench from my grandmother’s church providing seating at my dining room table. I don’t love my dining room furniture–it’s Queen Anne, and it’s not particularly “me,” but it was my mom’s, so I’m proud and happy to have it. But I like it so much better with that deacon’s bench on one side. It takes away some of the formality and makes the whole thing so much more interesting.

    How fun and nice of you to do an impromptu linky party!

  11. I’ve been wanting to get two mismatched maybe arm chairs for the ends of our table for a while now. Maybe I can sneek out this week and bring home a surprise! My husband got rid of all my stray chairs when we moved!

  12. I linked my little breakfast nook – it’s from an old slipcover post but I still have the same set-up, weird because I am always re-arranging things up in this joint!

  13. Hey Nester!

    I linked to my Dining Room Table Redo. Still working on pulling together a pretty mix of chairs- but now that the table is done, hopefully it’ll be a little easier! :-)


  14. Hehehe…I have a ton of chairs but half of them are at a friend’s house right now. Still, I’m thinking…is there something I can realistically change up? Hmm…maybe I’ll be back later today. Thanks for the fun challenges & encouragements to use what we have:)


  15. I got nothing. If there is one thing we are short of in our small house is chairs.

    • I should add that hubby is building me a new table with a galvanized metal top, so one thing i want to do is find mismatched chairs for it. Actually i want those chairs at the cottage you stayed at.

  16. I love all of these pictures (especially the first one with that stunning blue on the walls) but practically speaking, white doesn’t fare too well in my household. Too many spills, too many pets. Still, the concept of the mismatched chairs and table is adorable.

  17. I saw the first picture and immediately said, THIS. I just got done painting our dining room a dark blue like that with white trim. It’s flooded with light thanks to a wall of windows. I’ve been looking for the perfect table (our room lends itself to a round table) and a glass fronted buffet to show off my silver and crystal. Lonnie’s room is being filed under “inspiration!” Thank you Nester!

  18. I am all about mixing and matching in a design. If everything matches it’s so boring and it starts to look like you just bought the whole room off of the showroom floor. I call it “bed in a bag design” it looks ok but it can look so much better if you layer different things. I like a space to feel like it’s been collected over time not. I am currently on the look out for the perfect mix of chairs for my own dining room.

  19. Hiya!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    I have a bench on my deck that no one ever sits on.
    It needs a new home in the dining room, maybe.
    My hubby uses our dining room as a reading and eating “desk” every morning, too :)
    Hugs and blessings as you make your home!

  20. I love the look of wing chairs at a table but mostly I love the picture of your hubs with the sunlight streaming in, OJ close at hand. It looks like everything we want in our home and lives; a sense of being grounded and sustained by the place we call home.

  21. This has become a favorite look of mine. I love the mismatched look not only in the dining room but in other rooms as well. Great pictures.

  22. I’m so glad you’re hosting this! I’m stalking for ideas. I have an old oak-look table and chairs that I want to paint but am waffling on colors. White table and black chairs, all white, etc… you get the idea. So thanks!

  23. I admit those non-matching chairs are quite lovely but alas that is not our house! I was just so happy to have a new table and chairs that I’m not ready yet to mix them up. The one thing I would like to get/make is a bench for when we have more guests than chairs (but that’s a ways off into the future). :)

  24. Well, I was gonna link up the cottage and you went and beat me to it! :) Thank you!

    I’m with you…I can’t imagine putting the same chairs and same table together. Mix. It. Up! :)

  25. White upholstery in the dining room? I have 8 kids – that just boggles my mind. It looks really nice though.

  26. Love the look of mismatched table & chairs! Love it!
    But I’m totally impressed by how many people had beautiful dining rooms ready to show off for the spur-of-the-moment linky! Lots of great ideas!

  27. I love that photo of your husband! He looks so cute! Thanks for the unexpected link party. I am inordinately proud of my new-to-me Goodwill table and craigslist benches. It is, hands down, my most favorite dining room I’ve ever had!

  28. I love Rie’s table and settee bench! If you see this Rie, you have the most gorgeous home…my first visit! I love your style.


  29. I love (!) the round back chairs in #9. Do you know what they are called?

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