Bowls for Decoration

I’ve been in a bowling kind of mood since the last post.  Here are a few unique bowls I found on etsy.  My thoughts? Big wide bowls are expensive, add shipping and you get even more expensive.  I’m going to keep an eye out for large bowls around my area.

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  1. I have been working on replicating the bowl with the glass hurricane and candles. It will me a bit smaller because my bowl is smaller, but it is the same shape as the one pictured. Im excited about it! I only spent about $5 on it!

  2. I realized after your PB post that I have one huge wicker bowl. I can’t wait to fill it and get the fall stuff into it. Nester, how do you keep your boys from breaking your stuff? I have 4 kiddos (3 boys like you) and they break everything :) It’s not even from rough housing. It’s just being a boy, knocking something over by accident etc. You have some beautiful things and all I see is something that I can’t duplicate because they’d break it. Thankfully thrift shopping makes it a little more bearable but darn it, I have found somethings I totally love and I don’t want them to break them :)

    • I break stuff all the time. Usually it’s me, not even them. I worry about the lamps the most because we use them every day and I love them but, tis better to use and enjoy than hide and ….? not enjoy?

    • I have two boys and lots of valuables from my parents and my wedding. For me, it’s more important to keep them out to admire and run the risk of something getting damaged. The boys have learned since they were cruisers that there are certain things they can’t touch–or at least have to be very careful with. My friend once asked me how I could keep things out on display because her kids would touch anything she left out. (Therefore, she never had anything out.) I told her that my kids touched things to, but after hearing a thousand times that it’s something they can’t touch, they get the message. Well, maybe they don’t get the message. Maybe they just get bored with whatever it is and move on. Either way, it works in my favor. :)

  3. That’s my kind of bowling! Gorgeous pieces!

  4. AHHH!!!! I’ve been obsessed with big bowls since your last post too! I have and ENTIRE coffee table to accessorize and I was thinking a big bowl would be perfect. If I find any inexpensive ones, I’ll let you know!

  5. I bought a beautiful large turquoise Vietri bowl at a yard sale for $2 this summer. Would love to find some vintage ceramic mixing bowls to display in our kitchen.

    Mary Ellen

  6. I’m not sure where you live BUT did you know that you can search for Etsy store owners in your area? Maybe then you could at least eliminate the shipping costs. Just a thought!

    • OH my goodness, that is right, I think I did that once like 4 years ago, I completely forgot about that–thank you!!

  7. I llove me some bowls…;) I think you can easily find them in your area…Hugs, Meme

  8. You can make a huge bowl out of paper mache! You are super crafty, and it would be fabulous!

  9. I want one of those big wooden dough bowls. Seriously awesome! In my dreams tonight I guess…

  10. I have a “thing” for bowls!!!
    I love to use them not just For serving but also decorating too

  11. My husband will think I’m nuts if I start accessorizing with big bowls filled with stuff. Yesterday he saw that I added a stack of books under something in our living room becuase it really needed the height and he thought I was completely silly to have a random stack of books sitting there. I really don’t care what he thinks though. I love the added height and detail the books add. And I love a giant bowl filled with stuff. Sometimes you just need something pretty look at and those bowls definitely are.

  12. I have found lots of large unique ones at places like Ross, TJMaxx and MArshalls

  13. I got a massive simple white bowl at Walmart on clearance last year for $5. You just never know when you’ll find something great.

  14. I have big plans to go and steal an old wooden bowl from my mom’s houes this weekend. :) She’s not using it! It was from my grandmother and greatgrandmother’s house! Long, low lying and wooden. What’s not to love? Even with the hole in the bottom where my grandmother accidently burned it, I love it.

    I saw a tutorial yesterday on making a fabric bowl using cotton cording and fabric scraps. I want to start small and try that too!

  15. I love the big bowls! My obsession started at a community yard sale a few years ago when I got HUGE, gorgeous ceramic bowls for $3 each, and signed by the creator, a lovely man in his 70″s! Ever since then they have found me, I have found probably 5 more since all under $10!! I was just thinking I may be getting out of hand until I saw your post yesterday and got new ideas on how to use them! I am new to reading your site and LOVE it, thank you!!

  16. Stephanie says:

    So I need pictures, links, etc. I am not exactly sure what to do with bowls. I am at a loss – but I have some beautiful wooden bowls that I brought back with me from Costa Rica and would love to display, but just not sure how? Would love a post on this….

  17. Don’t forget to check nearby estate sales for big bowls. I found a “dough bowl” (Not sure if that is the official name. That’s what my grandma always called them. She made biscuits in hers.) for about $5. I love it and I’ve got oranges piled in it!

  18. I too am the thrifty-pick-up-the-little-knick-knacks type. Ooooooohhhh will you pretty please host a FALL MANTLE LINKY PARTY coming up?!

  19. Thank you, I loved this post!

  20. I love the antique dough bowl!…but couldn’t imagine spending that much on a bowl!

  21. Every time I look at bowls like that, I keep thinking – would a baby fit in that for photos?

    It never crosses my mind to decorate my home with it. ;)

  22. LOVE them all!!! And I love how you did this post! How did you provide the link with every pic????

    • It’s an etsy mini–once you set up an etsy account, you can create a “mini” using your own items from your shop or your favorites.

  23. Go to Old Time Pottery in Mathews. It is worth the drive. We used to go to one when we lived in Florida and I got all of my “china” from there. I think at the time i paid $15 for a 4 setting set- 4 dinner plates, 4 dessert plates- 4 mugs and 4 bowls. I also got plain white serving bowls and platters for a few dollars a piece.
    Let me know if you need to know how to get there I will give you directions

  24. I could go for a big bowl of popcorn right now. And then I would decorate with it, promise.

  25. You should see the adorable bowls at Ross right now, orange and black polka dots for halloween, so cute!

  26. Wow, this is going to be great, so much inspiration from so many great bloggers…can we all handle it?!

  27. Or, what about shopping the house? I have a few really big bowls in my kitchen cupboard wayyyyyyyyyy in the back – they are rarely used, and very out of date – think stenciled apples. If we are using it for home dec purposes and not food, could I try a bit of primer and spray paint to update the big bowls? Ceramic lamps paint up nicely – what about bowls? The other thought I had was paper mache!!! My biggest bowl is for raising up 4 loaves of my whole wheat bread each week, so I cannot spray paint it out of kitchen usefullness, but what about using it as a mold for some heavy duty paper mache? Pretty cheap bowl alternative! The kids can help! What do you think?

  28. My favorite bowls are natural wood bowls. You can fill them with anything to suit the season, and they work. I picked up my last couple at Kohl’s, beautiful natural wood grain, and very reasonably priced. And, big bonus, they don’t break! :)

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