This is a repost from March 2009, but worth reading again.

  1. Not making the master bedroom a priority.
  2. Not getting rid of stuff that I don’t really need or love.
  3. Being afraid of color.
  4. Buying something trendy instead of more traditional {remember those over stuffed chairs from the 90’s?} I had two of them. It was like parking a Volkswagen in my living room–I mean TWO Volkswagens.
  5. Not buying that thing that I loved because I wasn’t exactly sure where I would use it.
  6. Fear of pattern.
  7. Worrying that someone will think I did it wrong.
  8. Not hanging a painted azure blue door sideways on a wall because someone will think I’m insane.
  9. Not decorating for OUR family. I finally broke down and kept a tiny blue kid’s kitchen and miniature table and chairs in our kitchen for our boys to play restaurant–it was there for years and was wonderful! Now I miss it.
  10. Thinking I can’t have pretty stuff because I have three boys.

What’s on your list?