As if I were going to be preaching today on some sort of other mantle/mantel?

I cannot begin to tell you how much painted walls have changed my decorating life.  Even though I talk about that very fact all the time, sometimes I forget that it applies to myself as well. I think I kind of gave up and settled for renter beige walls for so long that I fell off the painting wagon.  Paint–it is SO WORTH IT!  $25 and 3 hours and you have a new room.  It doesn’t get easier than that.

So, over the last 5 days I’ve rearranged our mantel no less than 4 times each day.  I’m tempted to start a blog all about mantel decorating but that might be a little much for me.  Although, if you know of a blog all about mantels, I’d totally read every post.

I have a feeling that our mantel is not going to be something that I arrange and it stays put for 3 months at a time.  It’s too tempting to play with.  I feel like I’m 13 again with a new Barbie house.  And yes, I said 13, I was quite the nerd.  Now 13 year olds are like getting manicures and starting businesses and mentoring singers on American Idol.  I got a Barbie and the Rockers for my 13th birthday and couldn’t wait for my friends to go ahead and leave so I could set up their rockin’ studio.

Anyhow, since I’m suddenly thristin’ to see tons of photos of mantels I thought next Thursday we’d have a mantel link up party.  You write a post and take some photos of your mantel and we all link up and show off our style.

Here are some things I keep in mind when I’m messing around with my mantel:

1. Scale–you want big stuff, you want small stuff, you want medium stuff

2. Layering–don’t be afraid to put stuff in front of other stuff

3. Height Variations–make sure you have tall stuff and short stuff

4. Texture–shiny, smooth, rough, glass, wood, soft, sharp? I can’t think of any more textures but you get the idea

5. Color–consider repeating the same color a few times

6. Natural–try to add in one thing from nature

7. Meaningful–kid made pottery, a grandma’s silver rattle, quirky photo, framed letter

PS: Andrew Garcia.  Love him.

Another PS, Layla recently did a Mantel Mania Series if you need some to die for ideas.