Garland Roundup

You did visit every single one of the 150 plus garlands that were showing off over the past few days right? Y’all are insane! And I adore you! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful workmanship! Just in case, I thought I would share a few highlights. This top photo is from Life on the Ground.

A simple ribbon garland from The Tulip Lady

How about some color from Sara’s Art House?

Forever Whenever–painted piano and matching garland? Will you marry me? Emily, I’m gonna paint that piano if you don’t get it VERY soon!

How about a paper garland: Nikki’s Nacs

Harrington House I want plates!

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp everything and the kitchen sink.

Notions on Nesting

Chatting at the Sky. Longest garland award– it’s spectacular!

Okies at Heart rustic, classy, charming.

Bless Our Nest simply wonderful.

Home Sweet Home Inspiration
great use of blue and dried roses and a view from afar…

Karol lives in Florida–how fitting for her Christmas decor!

My personal favorite: Life in Grace above…

oh. my. glorious colored lights!

Color!!!! I’m adding colored lights to our tree this year–if I can find where they are hiding!
Thank you all for your inspiration! I’ve had the best time and hope you have been inspired too!
Merry Christmas!
The Nester

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