I had no idea how many of you were gonna do the easy to remember, rolls off the tongue, IDHTBPTBB post. Can I just tell you that I was hoping, praying that 20 people would take the time to do this? And, I’ll admit I’ve wanted to do it for awhile but it took some time for me to work up the nerve to put myself out there. I mean, what if NO ONE participates?

Perfectionism was holding me back.

It was so encouraging to see all of you real women in real houses with real kids and real lives! I feel so blessed to have a group of people to share life with in this way! And I’ve never even met you.

Thank you to all who participated, left comments and even you mysterious, wonderful lurkers. A big fat thank you to my sweet friend Darla who left meaningful comments on everyones blog up until dinner time!

It was my first time using the link thing and there were about 3 links that I had to delete because they linked to an ad. I hope it wasn’t someone who typed in a wrong address–you know how these things are, one wrong letter and it’s a whole different web site.

We’ll do it again real soon! Oh, and I had my biggest day ever as far as hits on my statcounter! Did you do well too?

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