Here it is people! The first post of the it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful party? Carnival? Spectacular? Celebration? I have no idea what to call this! Here’s a photo of my pretty sitting room. Today is my baby’s 7th birthday. We celebrated with my parents yesterday {father’s day} so we could kill two birds with one stone. The birds being my dad and my baby. The stone–BBQ Chicken Nachoes and cake.

As much as I love for this room to look cozy, clean and legoless, the truth is, if it were like that all of the time, I think it would be a pretty sad room. See that blue cup on the table? It mysteriously spilled after I took the photo.

So, let’s have it. Maybe you have a beautiful mess going on at your house. Maybe you completed that project that you put off for years because as Miss Kris wrote me in an email yesterday, “I had let perfectionism keep me from starting for years…”. She now has some window mistreatments up in her house that may not be perfect but sure are beautiful.

There are no rules here. I almost put up a photo of me in a bathing suit but figured I’d better wait for that one. There are so many things in our lives that are imperfectly beautiful! Now, I want to see yours! So here’s that Mr. Linky thingamabob and you can just link directly to your Imperfectly Beautiful post. I’ll be visiting all of you and I hope even if you don’t do a post you fly on over to those who do and encourage and thank them for being real!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my favorite imperfect yet wonderful thing in my house. No, he’s not wearing a mini skirt, he’s using a dish towel as an apron.

And, the most imperfect but hopefully, beautiful thing in my house.