The Room Where We Live.

Here we are. This is what you see when you first come in my house. Have I mentioned there is no foyer? You can see our fireplace. Love having a fireplace. But, do you notice something? NO MANTLE!! Isn’t that weird? Please tell me all of your great ideas for this issue!

We have one of those fancy holes in the walls like the rich types have. See how I make it all real nice like just by hanging my plastic shutters on big ugly nails?

I like this little wall. We are able to sneak some extra seating in with the ottoman being under the desk/sofa table.

And you know I love a good clearance find. Twice clearanced–score!

Clearance. TJMaxx.

Hello lover. Have you met my toile sofa yet?
See how much seating I was able to sneak into this tiny room? If even only 4 on the sofa, 1 in the red chair, 1 in the plaid chair 1 in the wooden chair next to the white dresser and 1 on the ottoman, that’s 8 and we can really seat 5 on the sofa and still have an extra ottoman! That’s 8-10 people in a tiny living room!

Now, here’s something worth talking about. This dresser is pretty much the first piece I bought with forethought and a clear mind. You know how you have to buy a few things like a bed and sofa when you first get married and you make a crazy choice? This was not one of them.

When I was pregnant with my oldest we had nothing for him and I’m sure my parents or my in laws gave us some cash to get a few things. I got the cheapest crib I could find, and a piece of furniture that we could use forever. Hence, the white dresser. Ordered from the most reliable store I knew, JCPenney. We southerners are on a more friendly basis and just call it plain old Penney’s.

This dresser has been used in each of my boys rooms, a kitchen, a foyer, as a sofa table, changing table and sideboard. I heart this dresser. The possibilities are endless and even though it’s 10 years old and counting, I could find uses for two more of them.

This is how I know that I invested well in a piece of furniture.

I like pieces that are versitle. Blank canvases. They serve faithfully for a long time and are much loved.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the master bedroom. And that will complete my living room tour turned ode to the white dresser.

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