If you are coming here from Kimba’s outdoor DIY day, welcome!   This is the house we lived in last year but I still wanted to play and join in her DIY day!


Welcome to our new home! I know the yard isn’t all that much but, I have finally learned that it’s never really greener on the other side.

Oh, look–there’s my terrarium! I fell in love with it about 4 years ago at Sam’s club. It was $99, too much for me. Then it dropped to $89, $69 and when there were two left and they were $49, I knew that was a steal! When my boys were younger we had it inside and planted plants inside the terrarium, added any rocks they picked up and then they put their plastic dinosaurs inside it too. It was so much fun.

There are fake flowers inside it right now.

I was able to scrounge up a few dollars and plant a couple plants. I desperately wanted color. The sweet potato vines will grow until the first frost and spread profusely. A great purchase for $2.99 each.

I was completely inspired by Kimba to mistreat my porch. I wish so much that I had some color on my mistreatments like she has but all I had that would work were the other two canvas panels from my bedroom. I’ve seen these for sale just about everywhere and I don’t have to worry about them fading and they dry really fast.

This is my favorite part of the porch. If I had money, I would buy a porch swing. I have never had one and want one so bad it almost hurts!

Here’s how I hung my mistreatments–shower rod on the left and tacks and ring clips on the right.

Remember the wreath?

Let’s go on in. There’s my adorable 10 year old and I’ve got a phone call. We’ll pick back up tomorrow!