My dumputer is finally connected to the rest of the world. Meanwhile I’ve had loads of time to play with all of my displaced stuff. I’ve got this sideboard, hutch, shelf unit that was in my dining room and now is in my keeping room {yes, that is an actual name for a room and it usually refers to a small sitting room off the kitchen} most of the time they have a fireplace–mine–not.

First I tried lots of frames…
Its hot in this house with all the sunshine and that felt so heavy–I love showing off all of my pictures but this look will look better in the winter. Let’s add in some white and as Mylie would say, see if we can get the best of both worlds.

Maybe the scrapbook {click here for instructions} paper background is adding too much. If I could only figure out where I packed my extra paper. But, I do have lots of black frames I’ll just turn them around to see if I like a black background.

I like it. Maybe that’s a project for later. For now, I have to use what I have and make that work. Maybe I need all white.

I like that too. But, I want a little more going on for today.

Are you wondering how I hung that big picture in the center of the shelves that I showed at the very top? Look closely at the top shelf in the photo below–or click on it to enlarge it. See that upholstery tack? They are great for so many things!