Extreme Wreath Makeover

I have a wreath on my front door but I felt like it was a little weak. I like my wreaths to have presence. I would also like for them to have presents but that’s another post. This one works for all seasons, it’s got enough fresh green it it for spring and I can add orange in it for fall and all sorts of berries in it for winter. But, I want it to be a little heftier.

I had this extra boa lying around. Am I the only person in America with no daughters who has extra boas lying around? Should I be ashamed to admit this? Look it looks like a heart.

So, I left my just fine wreath where it was and tucked the boa in around the edges and kind of winded it through at the bottom. I think it was just the pick me up it needed. I made a wreath in January {better photo here} and confessed that I don’t like anything to be too permanent but for this one I did wire some of the stuff in. But, that won’t keep me from ripping it out when I’m ready for a change.

Don’t forget today from 10am to 10pm Dunkin Donuts is giving away free iced coffee!
And, McDonald’s is giving away their new chicken sandwich or chicken biscuit with the purchase of a drink. I know where we’ll be. See you there!

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