I have an empty place over our piano that I filled up with a wreath during the holidays. It’s a pretty wreath with acorns and pine cones. The photo is blurry but, you get the idea.

I like to use Christmas wreaths for a base to add on to for every season. Lets see what I have that I could add to this wreath, shall we?

Hmm, imagine that, I have feathers. I’m not crazy about the pine cones to usher in spring but, I still like them and if you don’t you can hide them.

I LOVE these fern stalk things. They came all on one giant stalk and I tore them apart so they would be separate. From Michael’s craft store $6. They also have a 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper every week.

Here’s a long wirey realistic looking fern. When buying pretend plants try to get the most realistic things possible. No plasticy bright greens. Real plants have all different shades of green and brown and yellows in them. And, don’t forget about texture, the more, the better.

Here’s what it looks like so far. I just left the wreath hanging where it was and literally just stuck the greenery in. NO hot glue or wires! That’s hard to resist for me because I do have a love affair with hot glue. Since you are using your Christmas wreath, the greenery holds everything in — just give your ferns and feathers a good little shove into the evergreen, don’t be shy, you can’t mess this up! However, you want to be free to change this and use the greenery for other things if you want so, let’s not glue. When you stick in the fern make sure you make the wreath more 3 dimensional. I really like to go crazy and make it look like it’s gonna reach out and grab ya!

What else do we have? These soft olive leaf things look nice. These are from Hobby Lobby from one long stalk. I pulled it all apart and then just use the pieces.

Here’s some berries and a green flowery thing. I usually stay away from flowers because they look too old ladyie but, this one’s okay. And if you love flowers, go for it. There’s no wrong.

Here’s a neat sprig of pointy things. Let’s add that to the top.

Here’s a blurry picture of me adding stuff. This was a very quick process. Don’t thing too much about where certain items should go. We are going for a layering effect. If you have the right stuff, it’s gonna look great!

Add the feathers. A must for me.

Maybe even throw a nest in for good measure.

And, the final touch, my clip on bird from the Christmas garland that I removed from my stairs. I love this bird. If you want one they are at Target in the Christmas section for $4.99 plus whatever percentage off that stuff is today.

All done. This will stay up all year. At Easter, I ‘ll stick some pretend eggs in. In August, I stick in some orangey leaves and then, December, I’ll take it apart and just use the plain wreath and use the plants to bulk up my Christmas Garland.

For another photo of this finished wreath, click here.