Birds of a feather

You all have been busy bees, I mean birds this week. I was so thrilled to see that The Romantic Portuguese Daughter and Emily at Remodeling This Life both decided to mistreat their windows! You go girls! Also, Meredith at Uberjoy {that has fancy dots over the U that I don’t know how to do} got all wild on us and found her some great toile on ebay. Ya’ll, this girl spent $20 including shipping and just look what she did with it! You’ll have to read all about it and take a gander at her coordinating plaid chair. Heart you, Meredith!
Also, if you have yet to visit Jennifer you must do so immediately. I am always so inspired by her. I always try to enlarge her photos so I can study each one with a magnifying glass and completely copy everything she does. Go see what she did with a door! Also I love how she make some words big and some words little. I think I might have to copy that too from time to time. Ain’t she somethin! Here ‘s a wall in her house that I love her for! Okay, now that I have totally “fowled” up my font size I now vow to the world that I will no longer copy Jen on this. I guess it takes a lot more smarts than I thought to change it.
I have to thank my sweet blog friend Karol who offered to mock up some photos for me for my fake leather chair. Just as soon as I email her photos of fabric. I still haven’t done that. I am way to lazy to do this, Karol. But, I am not too lazy to steal one of my favorite photos from your blog! Look down there at her front porch! Also, Stephanie {I can’t find a link for her, Stephy do you have a blog? if not, what do you do with all of your spare time?} put in some great undercover work and found two wonderful coordinating fabrics for my house. Love her! Who knew that JoAnne fabrics had fabric on line that you could order? I bet you could even use your 40% off coupon. I sure miss JoAnn’s. We don’t have one here. I miss all the balding older ladies. They were so helpful.

Lastly, Sister Honey Bunch…wait I cannot even finish this sentence. When I read her ‘name’ it was love at first sight. I mean, how can anyone who calls themself Sister Honey Bunch be anything but fun and fabulous! I just know that she’s the life of every party! Anyway, Sister suggested that I take a day from time to time and answer a burning question from one of you readers. Would anyone be intrested in this? It would be an intelligent, in depth analysis to your deepest, darkest, decorating dilemmas. {it just took me 10 minutes to figure out how to spell that word: delima, dellima, dellima, delimma, dillema }Or, a dorky answer to your quirky questions.

Here is a photo I took of myself a few minutes ago. I thought I would be real smart like and hold up a sign. I am brilliant. Can you crack the code? Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

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