Welcome! I am so glad that you are here and, I hope my prize is something you want. I hope my prize is better than most people’s prizes. I also hope that your prize is something that I want. For those of you that haven’t heard, you better fly on over to Rocks in My Dryer. She’s hosting a carnival with a ton of bloggie giveaways! The link above is for her blog. The pink button at the top will get you to the carnival. Sorry, Darcy, it’s not centered.

Now for the goods:

I’ve got a sweet little tassel embellished by yours truly… I do make and sell these at my lovely etsy shop that is pushed on my readers, I mean, politely advertised at the lower right side of the screen. More will be listed this week.

And, a jar of the famous upholstery tacks to boot! Yes, I know that it is empty. I promise to send you a full jar.
Don’t they make a lovely couple? They were so difficult when I tried to photograph them. He kept trying to block her, what a camera hog.She wanted me to take pictures of her ALONE! She really liked this one — thought it made her look all sexy and mysterious.They did not go for the Olan Mills background at all.
He is a little on the short side so, I tried to make him appear taller.
Finally, I told them to at least act like they liked each other.
That’s better. Don’t you want to have this disagreeable couple as your very own? I promise they will behave.

Now, after you read the rest of my blog, fall in love with me and my readers, and worship me for the rest of your life because you cannot get enough of my chic design talent, you can go post your own contest if you haven’t all ready.

I’ll pick the winner on Saturday, one entry per person. You have to live in the US because I am too lazy and cheep to ship exotic places and we all think that you are lucky enough and don’t need a prize if you live in an exotic place. You know, like Canada.

Just leave me a comment telling me that you love me and if you are hosting a giveaway, let us know that in your comment too!
Yes, I know I said “cheep” instead of “cheap”. But don’t you think that works better for me?

Attention you crazy birds, I am noticing that many of you either don’t have a blog link or do but there is only a profile with no email. I will not know how to find you unless you leave me a trail! If you don’t have this stuff, leave your email address in your comment. I’ll post the winner and if there is not a link, 24 hours later, I’ll pick a replacement winner. Unless someone can track these birds down.