No Credit Required

Chair: $14.Disenfectant: $3. Touch up Pens: $4.Getting a timeless chair that I was immediately drawn to even though I had no idea where I would put it so I got to play in my house and find the perfect spot and then change the back of my hutch and then show you: Priceless.

Junkin’ with my Mom

My mom and I went thrifting together the other day. I made her drive. I say it’s so I can tell here where to go but really, I hate driving. She doesn’t mind so it works out just fine. Ain’t she cute? We found lots of stuff. And by we I mean I. It just […]

Candles, Pounds, and Junk

If you want to read about a great way to decorate with candles all year around…click here. If you want to know how much I weigh…click here. If you want to find out about all this junk that I found at thrift stores…stay tuned, that’s my nest I mean next few posts.

Thrifting with $2.99

BEFORE: at least they had the sense to use hot glue, that junk peeled right off DURING: 2000% betterAFTER: don’t you want to fight me for it?

Yard Sales and Thrift Stores

Read about this table and other second hand finds over at Blissfully D today.