The Secret to Thrifting

This chair showing off it’s back side was $35, the slipcover chair $13 with a $50 slipcover, the sofa table was $20 {all thrift finds} are you so sick of me telling you the prices?  This room is turning into my second hand room. Last week I dropped off a few things to my local […]

A Few Things

First things, first :: These pillows are from Home Goods.  Y’all know it when you see something you love.  And so do I, the covers are removable so I can wash them.  And for those of you who thought I made them, bless you.  To me, Home Goods is the lamp and pillow store.  Lamps […]

Price My Space Party 2

We just cannot get enough of prices can we? 1. I got that urn about 6 years ago at Target for $39. The sticks are from Hobby Lobby and my aunt gave them to me after I used them in her son’s wedding. Score! The white table was a $5 Goodwill find. 2. The 4 […]

Goodwill Hunting

Since it was a holiday weekend, my mom and I opted to do a little thrifting. You know you are frugal when you complain about how expensive the Goodwill prices are. These two little things that I know not what to call them were $3 each. This lamp base that I cannot get a decent […]

Like a Box of Chocolates

Yet another lovely birdcage for the bird I’ll never have. $10 I’m well aware that telling you all about my yard sale finds is akin to me telling you all about a dream I had two weeks ago. No one cares, it’s just meaningless nonsense that goes on and on and on and on… So, […]

Gift Wrap

Wallpaper makes great wrapping paper. Our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells rolls for about a dollar. The thick paper always looks nice and I like to use my hot glue gun instead of tape to seal it all up. What do you do with extra wall paper? And PS, Monday was a huge success! […]