17 Ways to Add Character to Your Cottage @ The Lettered Cottage {and they are all really inexpensive!}

It was a lot of work but this chair reupholstery was worth it, the fabric makes it wouldn’t you say?  Pandora’s Craft Box

To Theme or Not to Theme :: That is the Question  from Darlene @ Fieldstone Hill  {I loved this post the first time she published it, and it makes me think of one of my first design jobs, the lady wanted a beach theme in her home and she had purchased plastic buckets, shovels and bags of sand. For real.  Not even metal buckets.  Bless her heart.  Wish I could go back in time and give her this post}

Lifeway is running a major sale on my sister, Emily’s book Grace for the Good Girl $5 EACH–it’s such a fantastic book, it’s sold so great and has a super good Amazon ranking {I’m not the only one who thinks it’s great}  and she’s my baby sister and she’s an author and all of us who linked up to Monday’s IDHTBPTBB are exactly who she’s writing to–if you are a perfectionist or recovering perfectionist, this book is for you…here, watch the video if you haven’t seen it yet….

I think my husband and I gave away 30 of these books so far, it’s a great gift book and a great study book to do with a group–MY BABY SISTER WROTE A BOOK, Y’ALL!  $5–it’s a steal, buy them for your friends. 
If you are new here, check out the book release party we threw for my BABY SISTER.  Do you think she will love how many times I call her baby?  30 years ago she would have been in tears over that.

PS, did you see that The Relevant Conference has changed its name to Allume?  Tickets go on sale March 1st and always sell out. I’ll be there this year speaking on Following Your Passion With Purpose and I’d love to meet you!