I didn’t win.

But Marsha Coulthard from Bradenton, Florida did! Congrats Marsha for winning the HGTV Green Home! I missed the show but watched the ambush online. My blogging buddy over at The Bird’s Nest was lucky enough to tour the Green Home and took some great photos! I totally stole these from her blog but she’s got […]

Bird Watching

I’m being a good girl today and packing. While I’m doing that, you’ve got to see one of the latest projects that The Do It Yourselfer just did. And, don’t forget to enter her contest to win a lovely apron and painted furniture book that I want but I won’t get because I never win […]

Bird Watching

You really need to see this door that Sissy painted. Don’t feel ashamed by her talent, she’s one of those artist types. And Amy over at Heart of the Matter, my favorite homeschool magazine/website interviewed me as their featured homeshooler this week. I managed to embarrass myself quite nicely. You can read it and weep […]


Can I just tell you how happy I am that you are here right now, reading this? You make this blog fun, inspiring, and I just love you! I’ve been reading over the comments and if you don’t read them then you are totally missing the best part of this entire fiasco. Just in case […]

Birds of a feather

You all have been busy bees, I mean birds this week. I was so thrilled to see that The Romantic Portuguese Daughter and Emily at Remodeling This Life both decided to mistreat their windows! You go girls! Also, Meredith at Uberjoy {that has fancy dots over the U that I don’t know how to do} […]