2013 #31Days Categories

31 House

31 Simplify

31 Family

31 Faith

31 Writing

31 Fashion

31 Wellness

31 Personal

31 Awesome

Be sure to follow #31Days on Twitter for up to the minute info. Tomorrow morning I’ll have any last minute reminders and then we’ll link up with our first post (or index post –whatever post you want people to land on to find your 31Days topic from here on out) tomorrow night, September 30th sometime between 8 and 10 pm EST.


  1. A series about books? As much as I want to go into “Too Awesome to Categorize” (because how fun is that for a catch-all category?) is there a better spot for it?

  2. We can just post under one topic correct?

    • Yes, think about the reader and what topic they would click for the kinds of series they are interested in and choose that topic where they would click to look for something like yours :) Mine could fit under two different topics EASILY, BUT, I know my target audience will fit snugly under a certain one and that’s who I want to grab, so I’ll choose that topic.

  3. I’m thinking my favorite things is too awesome to categorize! – Can’t wait to see all the words of wisdom from so many bloggers!

  4. So I’m planning on interviewing 31 different women in my life and then writing about one each day. Thoughts on what category this would fit into??? :/

  5. Our p&s team can’t wait for 31 days!!! We loved participating last year. See you tomorrow night!

    Lots of encouragement and love to all you ladies who will be writing for 31 days along side us! Can’t wait to read what you have for us!

  6. 31 Days of Radical Self Care is my topic. Personal endeavors category? It is health and wellness, but it’s not just physical–it’s more than that. I think I’ll put it under personal endeavors but I’m curious for more of a description of that category.

    • I decided to leave the descriptions open ended otherwise everyone seemed to look for their specific wording and if they didn’t see it I didn’t want them to wonder where they fit. So YES you are correct, put it wherever seems fit. I’m guessing personal endeavors will be a really interesting topic, it belongs to the 31Dayers so I’m not even sure what will be in it, looking forward to it though!

  7. Oh! Just heard about this and so want to do it. Now I have a day to pick a topic.

  8. I have chosen “Faithfulness”. It is a tie in to my “One Word” for this year (Faithful), and something I struggle with on a daily basis. I am hoping that this month will give me new focus and insight, not only into my spiritual walk, but also in my practical, day to day life. I am nervous and excited to see where this takes me! :)

  9. How would you categorize 31 Days of Being Present?

  10. So excited for this! I am pretty sure my topic falls under personal endeavor, but I will have to think it over a little more before officially deciding. :-) I think the categories will really help!

  11. You chose the categories nicely! I just put the finishing touches on my post for tomorrow – and can’t wait to see what everyone else is writing about! Thanks SO much for hosting this for all of us, Nester!

  12. This is my first time doing this, and I’m SO excited! Doing “31 days of Fishbowl Grace: Practical Tips for Women in Ministry.” I’m so glad that we only have to link up the one time- we are going to be away for part of October. I think I’m just a little crazy for doing this, but I think it will be fun! Thanks for the opportunity! I’m looking forward to meeting you at Allume, Nester!

  13. LOVE the categories, friend. This is so great. I’m so excited!!!

  14. 31 Days of Encouraging a Military Wife Friend……inspirational or too awesome?

  15. I’m not sure what category to use for 31 Days of ADHD. Family Life, Health and Wellness, or Too Awesome to Categorize? Any thoughts? Thanks!

  16. I’m so excited to be joining in for the first time. :) I think I might be a little crazy though, since I just decided to join last night – and I’ll be gone for over half of October! Talk about a good push to get myself scheduling posts! This will be fun. I’m looking forward to writing my posts AND to hopping all over the web to meet new friends. Thanks so much for hosting this! :)

  17. I too need a little help with the category. My series is called “31 days to your ideal business”. I’m thinking Writing, Blogging, and Internet Stuff. Anyone agree or disagree?

    • Hi Beth! If you ideal business has to do with making money using the internet, then the Writing, Blogging, Internet Stuff category is a good choice. If your ideal business is How to Own and Run a Health Food Store (or something that can’t be done over the internet, then maybe the category “Health, Wellness, & Food” would be better. Good luck! Looking forward to reading your 31-day posts!

      • well said! remember, the categories are more for the reader than for the writer, so what category would someone be looking where they would most likely be curious about your topic?

  18. I’m considering “31 days of life on purpose,” with the focus on Christian living but posts across a variety of topics – parenting, home, work, marriage, prayer, etc. Would this fit best under the “Inspirational and Faith” category?

    • Hi April! My advice would be to choose the category that best describes your over-all purpose. If you’ll be covering a lot of family living topics or addressing family-related issues, but from a Christian perspective, then place your blog under the “Family Life” category. If your purpose is to inspire and encourage readers from a faith perspective, but using stories from family life to make your spiritual points, then place your blog under the “Inspirational and Faith” category. Am I making sense?

  19. I would love to join in under the Family Life category :) Exciting Stuff!

  20. I will love this idea and can’t wait to be a part of this!! will be joining under the Family life category.. keeping it real with a family of 6 and a successful Etsy shop..


  21. okay i have gone back and forth all weekend. i’m traveling so much, but sounds like some of you guys are too and we just need to discipline more to write out our posts ahead of time and schedule! what a good discipline.

    I’m thinking I’m going to write “31 letters to my former self” anyone have an idea on where they would put this in the categories?

    This sounds fun and nerve wracking all in one.

    also … just so I’m good on this … I create one MAIN page that I will put LINKS to all my posts for so that people can go to one page to find them all and that’s the link I will use for the link up.

    Then each day I write a new post, but I don’t link that page, I just add the link to the main page.


  22. I create this “main” page tomorrow and my first day is actually Oct 1? right?

  23. So off-topic, but does anyone have an easy set of instructions for making permalinks in the WordPress twenty twelve theme? It requires changing the .htaccess file but I keep getting flummoxed. Thanks!

    • Oh – based on the new post, I think my permalink doesn’t have to be pretty (with post title or some such in the url), as long as it is going to my 31 Days post instead of my blog home page, yes?

  24. Can’t wait!! I’m terrible at categorizing! Hmmm…where would “Adventures in Creativity” go? My guess is you are getting this question a lot so I may have to go with Too Awesome if all else fails :).

    • I would examine the kind of creativity you’re talking about. If it involves a lot of home decorating arts and crafts or ways to creatively organize your house, home life, or time, then use either the House & Home or Simplicity & Organizing category. If you’re talking about your adventures in finding creative solutions to life problems, relationships, or family, then consider using either the Family, Inspiration, or Personal Endeavor category. If your adventures in creativity include all of the above or something completely different, then use the Too Awesome category.

  25. every year i want to do this (one year i tried) and i always get started then think oh someone else has already said all that way better than i can. then i give up and stay home in bed reading a book which is much safer.

    • yep, I promise, everything has already been said. Just not the way YOU would say it!

    • Melissa, King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes “There is nothing new under the sun.” As far as events, circumstances, problems, and human nature go, he is right. As far as individuals go, his commentary doesn’t apply. God says He knitted you together in your mother’s womb, you are uniquely made, and just like snowflakes or the stars in heaven no two are exactly alike. Melissa, you have a unique perspective that needs to be shared with others. To believe “someone else has already said [something] way better than I can” is to live in defeat, which many of us (me included) often do. It would be like saying “I’m not going to ever be a friend to anyone because other people can be way better at friendships than I can.” The fact is that you and I both have friends of all kinds and types: some who are articulate, some who are funny, some who are outgoing, and some who are frankly kind of plain and “boring” but who are kind and loyal. Yet, we value each one of our friends, perhaps BECAUSE of their differences! You might not feel you are especially creative, wise, or articulate, but you don’t have to be. Just be yourself and the people who need to read your blog–the very people who will be touched, changed, and encouraged by your personality and perspective–will find you. You will have made a difference in their lives in a way that no one else could. As the line from the movie “Field of Dreams” goes, “If you build it, they will come.” If you build your blog, the right people will come. I encourage you to put yourself on the line. Take a step of faith. Share your inner thoughts on your blog whether the topic has been covered by someone else or not. No one can do as good a job of expressing YOUR personality as you yourself!

  26. I’m doing 31 Days of Unforgettable Recipes (each post is a recipe round up of a particular type of food). Thoughts on where that should go? Thanks!

  27. I will choose inspirational&faith to finally get my blog rolling.

  28. I am excited about tonight! I am writing on 31 Days of Words to Live By. Now you’d think by the title it should go under inspiration, but truly, the way I write, most of what I say about the ‘Words to Live By’ will be from my own personal experience (with stories of how I used the words in my life or what they mean to me). So… would Personal Endeavors be the appropriate place? Or Inspiration? Please help this fence-sitter.

  29. After writing out a list of my post titles for the month, I decided to go with Personal Endeavors!

  30. I’m in! 31 days of The Real Me. I blog fairly often but do not always reveal myself. My goal for these 31 days will be to speak what is one my heart every day.
    31 Days of Keeping It Real…Not sure what category that would be.

    And I can’t figure out how to make a button :(

  31. One of my goals for the next couple of years to get to the point where we produce half the food we eat on our farm. So my 31 days will be on planning next year’s garden.

  32. i’m going to do 31 days of common core math for parents. i work in math ed and i see how much parents are nervous about the common core … and how much misinformation is out there in the main stream media. i’m hoping to give folks some info to ease their minds and help them feel better prepared to help their kids (and the teachers!) succeed with this national transition.

    i’m torn between family life (it *is* for parents, after all), and too awesome to categorize.


  33. I posted this before but can’t see it now?
    I blog often, but mostly talk about other people. So I am committed to 31 Days of Keeping It Real – talking about what is on MY heart. Opening up more to readers.
    Not sure what category that would be.
    AND I can’t figure out how to make a button :(

    • I’m not very technical, so this is how I made a button. I found a picture I liked and then opened it up in “Paint” (standard Microsoft program that’s on Windows). Then I reduced the size to about a two-inch square. I clicked on the text feature to write my title “31 Days of ADHD” across the picture and then saved it to a special folder. Then I went to the “Practice Button” link on this website (Nesters.com) and followed the directions. It wasn’t really too hard. Hope that helps!

  34. This is my first year participating and I’m really excited for the challenge. This is just what I needed to get over a slump.
    My topic is 31 Days to Find $1000. Is there a particular category that would work best for family finance/frugal living type posts?
    Thanks! Looking forward to connecting with everyone.

    • Krisitia this is my first year too and I’m writing about love and real estate. I’m thinking I need to be in the Too Awesome category. You may well fit in either Family or Too Awesome. Maybe next year as more finance related bloggers enroll we’ll have a set category. Wishing you the best and have fun!

    • Hi Kristia! If your method of finding $1,000 is primary through Internet endeavors, then I’d put it under Writing, Blogging, & Internet Stuff; but if it mostly cover ways for families to reduce expenses, live frugally, and find creative ways to increase income, then I would list is under Family Life (because finances are part of family life). And if it’s how to find $1000 in an unclaimed paper bag full of small, unmarked bills, then place it under Too Awesome to categorize! I’m really looking forward to reading your posts.

  35. So, any suggestions on where my Love and Real Estate should go? Stories, poems and tips on the connection between love and home sweet home.

  36. I am questioning category, too—my topic is finding the extraordinary in ordinary life—it will have inspiration and faith as a part but not necessarily as the major focus of posts.

  37. I am doing a series on 31 days of new Etsy listings….any advice where that would go? Where would you expect to see that? I am thinking there is a few categories would fir….suggestions anyone:)

  38. I need technical help because I’m fairly new to WordPress. I have my 31-Days permalink page ready to go. However, I don’t know how to create a hyperlink from the title of the post to a new page. In other words, so that someone can click on the words DAY 1, Day 2, etc, and be taken to a post. Or do all 31 posts show up on the same page? If so, it’s going to be a very long page. I’d appreciate any help!

  39. I would love to join, under the Faith category. I am working on a book that is coming out Spring 2014…so this is just the motivation I need! I will be writing on Self-Acceptance.

  40. First timer. I have been a spectator, but am now excited to dive off the deep end and join 31 Days! Can’t wait! I am sure it will be a blast! Thanks for hosting such an extravagant event! ~ Jen

  41. I think I’m linked in. #88 under “Too Awesome”. This is my first year to do this. I’ve read the information on 31 days, but I’m still a bit confused. Will each post be automatically linked to the 31 days site after I post it to my permalink post?

  42. Can I join and begin if I don’t turn in my button for a couple of days while it’s being made for me?

  43. If I want to write about 31 people who have made me who I am? Would thy go under the awesome ? Because not all are family ?

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