Last week I shared that I’ve been decluttering and it’s ALWAYS been the case for me that decluttering naturally ends up with motivation to clean. It’s magic!!

I realized I’ve never had an actual cleaning routine and for the past ten years or so I’ve been lucky enough to have someone come to my house twice a month to really do the heavy lifting in the cleaning department. I might do that again here in this house one day. But as an introvert who works at home, having someone in my home, even to do something as amazingly wonderful as clean, was difficult for me, this is going to sound so spoiled because it is, but it basically ruined/took up my entire day because I’m a maker not a manager (old post but still applies).

This week I learned two things about cleaning my home:

1. I have no idea how to clean a mirror correctly.

2. Mops matter.

Now I will expound.

Mirrors: That big mirror up there in the photo has been streaked since the day I brought it home. No matter how much windex and paper towels I used, it never looked clean. I got so desperate I googled “how to clean a mirror” and y’all, I found answers. I ordered this pair of Norwex cloths and they must be blessed by kittens because they actually WORK. With only water?! My mirror is cleaner than it’s ever been! I’ve never even heard of that company before, please don’t tell me they are a cult or ruining the earth with their practices because I’m not sure I can take that right now.

Mops:  I’ve been using a fun, but not effective mop for ten years. I use a Bona mop and it’s easy and fine for tidying, but it’s not working for actual cleaning. It didn’t really matter before because twice a month someone came behind me and did it right, but now it’s started to show and I wanted to learn how to mop like it matters. 

After some research I ended up with this and it’s fun and sadly, so ugly but I’m glad I have it. For the first time since we moved here (that’s right) I mopped my bathroom and I did it with confidence and it’s CLEAN.