The most asked question I get? “Where’d you get that _______?”

The truth is, I’ll shop ANYwhere that I can find home stuff–from yard sales, thrift stores and church basements to swanky local shops to online stores.

In our family room, our leather chairs are custom made from Sherrill Furniture Brands  we LOVE them, best purchase we’ve made, besides our sofa!

Whittemore Sherrill 1279-01 Lounge Chair & 1279-00 Ottoman⁠⁠
Motioncraft 1887 Greenwich Recliner both in artisan leather⁠⁠

Our rug is Lenia in Natural & Black from Ben Soleimani

The mantel was here when we bought the house

Our black velvet sofa and loveseat were custom made by CoCoCo Home. Our sofa is 80 inches wide and 40 deep. The loveseat is 60 inches wide. We got the bench seats and LOVE these sofas. Highly recommend.

Coffee Table: marble top with metal legs no longer available from Wayfair.

Carved Mirror: HomeGoods

Sconces: Industrial Task Lamps from Longmade

Drapes: Ikea Houndstooth

Brass Rods: Big Lots (found them 12 years ago for about $5 each!)

Overhead light: Amazon

Concrete vase: At Home Store.

Our black loveseat is also from CoCoCoHome.

The silhouettes of our boys were done years ago by artist Lena Bengston

I wrote more about them here.

The 20 x 20 frames are from Target.

Fall pillow from Target

Ribbon art by Angela Chrusciaki Blehm

Floor lamp no longer available at Ikea.

Our dining table is the Pangea Donald Dining Table it’s listed here but sold out.

It’s 53 inches, we can get 4-6 chairs around it and love it. Similar here –I actually like this one better than ours but it’s a few inches smaller.

Our dining chairs are from Restoration Hardware and on casters.

The chandelier is the Sawyer from Troy 

Sidboard is the bottom of this hutch (the top is in my kitchen). We have three pieces of this collection and are shocked at how well made they are. They come fully assembled.

Black and white throw: limited collection sold out from Ikea

When it comes to funky signature pieces like my black and white transfer ware plate wall, my favorite place to shop is The Deopt at Gibson Mill in Concord NC. It’s over 80,000 square feet of uniqely curated booths full of second hand amazingness.  I add dishes to the wall whenever I see something that I love. That big black lamp is also from The Depot.

I recently moved the sideboard to our back porch and added this black metal cabinet from Nadeau.

The plant is a Hope Philodendron and the container is from the At Home Store.

Our paint colors are here.

I also created an Amazon store organized by room or “Departments”.

Click here to shop and get inspiration for every room in your house, giftables, books and all sorts of Cozy Minimalist approved items for your home.