For the past week or so I tried to pay attention to the items I love, need and use so much in my daily life that if they disappeared I’d instantly replace them. Here are my favorite, don’t-want-to-live-without, things:

The Celia Tote by Mission Lazarus (I have it in mocha). I’ve used this tote for years, and the color has changed for the better over time. I love this bag because it’s HIGH quality, handmade, fair trade and goes with everything. Plus it has pockets and a strap that helps it stay closed. I do have another bag that I also ADORE, it’s the Mamuye Tote (in cognac) by Able and it’s a lovely bag. It’s a little softer than the Celia and not as rigid, doesn’t quite hold it’s shape the same way, but sometimes I want that in a bag.

Nespresso Vertoline: I feel the same way about a good iced coffee that Anne of Green Gables feels about Octobers. I have this one, this one looks amazing, although this one will be my next purchase for its size. I make an iced coffee every morning no matter the season always with this for espresso, I add a little milk, a little heavy cream, some sugar if I’m in the mood and pour it over ice….

see my insulated cup and straw combo? also, Ikea lamp

I always drink my iced coffee in this brand insulated wine tumbler–it’s the perfect size for what I call a cocktail coffee–a one shot wake me up drink that I drink over an hour or so. And I always pair it with one of these copper Moscow mule straws–they’re just 6.5 inches and fit perfectly into the sippy hole. I like these insulated cups so much that when Chad makes me a Moscow Mule–actually a Kentucky Mule because my friends have made me only like bourbon, instead of serving it in the cute copper cup, he makes mine in this because he knows I can’t stand when the ice melts too fast.

Delaktig floor lamp by Ikea. I purchased this on a whim while walking through Ikea. We needed light in a corner and I didn’t have room for a table, I already have sconces in the room, so an ultra thin floor lamp was a great option. I love the simple design that nods to a Colonial meets modern feel and because it so easily is tucked into a corner –and I believe corner lighting expands a home–it’s the first light I turn on in the public part of the house every morning and the last one I turn off at night. Perfect next to a sofa or bed.

Full Focus Planner Executive in leather I’ve been using this planner for two and a half years–it’s quarterly and it’s helped me keep my book writing and launches, The Nest Fest, my work schedule all organized and helps me meet my goals. It’s a perfect size to fit in my tote and I take it with me everywhere.

Kumba Made Persian Gardens Oil: I wear this almost daily as my perfume. Many perfumes literally make my throat hurt. Not this one. If you’ve been around here for awhile you know I’ve been talking about this scent for YEARS (eight to be exact, thanks Hayley for telling me about it!). If it ain’t broke and stuff.

Cardea Auset Calm Mood Mist : This is my ‘go to bed spray’ I use it every night on me, my pillow my bed anything near me. It’s lavender and I’ve tried to recreate it with my own essential oils and I cannot. Worth buying.

That little black Bose Bluetooth speaker I keep talking about. See it on my shelf? I like the black because it disappears in the shadows (don’t get the white–I tried it and it’s actually a very light blue color). It holds a charge forever, is waterproof so it’s great for by the pool and it sounds amazing. And, it’s on sale! We use ours DAILY to play our playlists.

Chinese Scissor Set: see them hanging on upholstery tacks in the photo above? They come in a pack of three for a great price. I love displaying pretty functional items and these scissors are almost constantly in use in this house. Hang them on a tack or a drawer pull.

Metal Bath Caddy with Book Holder: I bought this exact one in 2017 and I use it almost daily in the winter because I love taking baths and I love to read in the bath.

Poppy & Pout Lip Balm: It’s THE BEST. I’ve had the Sweet Mint on my nightstand for the past year and I keep the Grapefruit in my purse. I’ve used them every day for a year and they are still going (wishing they’d run out so I have an excuse to try every flavor!) I also bought these for my nieces for Christmas last year, the packaging and branding are darling and they are fun and interesting flavors.