A few weeks ago I shared a photo of this Home Base (just that mirrored tray that’s gathering a bunch of pretty smalls together) and I got a few questions about the rock with the spray bottle–see it over there on the far right? 

You know how I love welcoming the seasons with the five senses, right? 

Well, one of the ways I do this is by mixing up my own room sprays and I think they look so quirky, fun and purposeful when the bottle is all snuggled down into a piece of rock like this.

 It was a happy accident that I figured out that this would work. 

Over the years I had collected a few cut rocks, crystals and quartzes that had been drilled out for a tea light candle. I LOVE them. And it just so happens that the tea light size is the exact size of the amber bottles I use for my room sprays! WHAT?!

First you’ll want a quartz/rock/crystal candle holder designed to hold tea lights.  

I found a few at Home Goods and I also ordered this one from Amazon.Here’s another option, and another pretty option.  

Then you’ll want your two ounce amber bottle--I like these, or if you like the gold top, this one works too. Most of the two ounce bottles will fit right in the tea light candle hole!

To mix your own room spray (these also can be sprayed on yourself as well) you’ll want to have witch hazel, distilled water and then a few essential oils that smell like fall to you.

Ideally, for a 2 oz. bottle I aim for a total of about 20 drops of oils, a tablespoon of witch hazel and the rest is distilled water. 

You can create your own combination, I like to start with vanilla–my oil company just started selling vanilla oil so I’ve always used a few drops of clear vanilla extract and it’s worked great. 

To that, depending on my mood this fall, I’ll add a few drops of cinnamon, orange, clove, pine, nutmeg, ginger–I usually keep all my fall oils together so they are at the ready for me to mix up however I want. 


10 drops of orange oil
5 drops of cinnamon oil
5 drops of vanilla
1 tbs witch hazel
fill with distilled water and shake

I find that any combo for a diffuser blend can also be mixed up as a room spray and vice versa. I just keep in mind my 20 drops for 2 oz. and am sure to add in some witch hazel to help the oil and water mix.  

Want more combo ideas? Check out my oils + blends Pinterest board:

Don’t want to mix your own sprays? 

My all time favorite spray (I only use it on me and my bed EVERY night) is Calm from Cardea AuSet. It’s very lavender-y and so calming and I would bathe in it if I could. 

I also love Vanilla Bean by Ferpie & Fray, it’s a four ounce bottle so it doesn’t fit in the rock but the bottle is substantial and pretty so it’s a nice stand alone.  

If you mix your own room spray and or pair it with a rock–I’d love to see it, just tag me @thenester on Instagram! 

Here’s to home!