It’s week 5 of the One Room Challenge and we are on the home stretch!

I want to introduce you to four of the hardest working pieces that I’m using in our little space:

A huge library! Yep we are going to have this big fella on our porch/entry/mudroom whatever we are calling it.

This piece gives us major storage that’s both hidden and on display. Ideally you always want a good mix of both. The baskets and drawers can hold shoes, returns, cat food, hats, mail, and general random junk I need keep but want to hide.

I hope to finally have a home for my vases and trays on the hutch part. This library/hutch unit is from the Halifax collection at the mine and it’s one of the most solidly built things I own. I loved it so much that I ordered another Halifax piece to work with it because remember, this is a tiny room and we can only fit in a few things…

I had always assumed that one day Chad would build us one of those benches with lots of hooks for jackets and hats and bags above it. But then it hit me, if we have all our jackets hanging out on hooks, then I’m decorating with coats and hats and bags because they’ll be on display in our entry room at all times.  And really, whatever is out in your house becomes a decoration, whether you want it to be or not.  I don’t want to decorate with my boy’s sweatshirts. I realized I needed something with doors where we could hide our jackets. This piece is from All Modern (same place I got my kitchen table).


I’m waaay too excited about a trash can:


Like it or not, we need a place for our recycling here on the porch and we’ve been using an ugly, filthy trashcan whose lid was lost ages ago. So I went on the hunt for something I wouldn’t hate looking at that had a lid. I fell in love with this plastic and copper-colored trash can from Urban Outfitters. Isn’t it fun?


This space has to work hard for us, and it’s tiny. But I wanted another small surface where I could set some plants or mail or bags. I didn’t want anything bulky or in the way. What I needed was an invisible table. Luckily they make those! If you have a tight space and don’t want to add a lot of visual clutter, an acrylic table like this is a great choice–plus, you can pull up a chair and it magically turns into a desk.


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Each year there are lots of amazing sponsors that work with the ORC, as featured bloggers we can choose who we’d like to work with out of those sponsors and of course we can use things that aren’t sponsored. This year there are 30 sponsors and 6 of them were a great fit for this space. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to include pieces and elements that I might not be able to incorporate if it weren’t for the gracious sponsors. Read more about the ORC here.

The official One Room Challenge sponsors I’m thrilled to work with this year are: