Cozy Spring Home Tour

Today I’m joining in a Spring Tour of Cozy homes hosted by Rachel from Shades of Blue Interiors and Country Living. Besides the fact that I love the women who host tours like this and it’s fun to join in, the biggest perk of these tours is that they force me to get my house into somewhat presentable shape!

My goal for our home’s style is for it to be cozy enough to be comfy while using the least amount of stuff possible to get the quirky, casual cottage style I love.

I call myself a Cozy Minimalist…

Meet our little table. This guy is our breakfast table, dining table, catch-all table, laundry holder, puzzle central and sometimes he turns into my work space. This corner of our home is the hardest working little area and I made a few logistical changes to it right in time for spring.

I took this photo within hours of the first photo above, and you know what, I think it’s just as pretty. This is the truth about what it looks like when our surfaces serve us well. But I recently added that thin console table turned desk back there on the left side to both look pretty and solve some issues.

Here’s what I had there before. I love this little half-moon table, and I loved the white plate display, but I wanted something that could double as a desk so I could move stuff off the table for dinner and have a place to put my computer and still be able to pull up a chair. The head planters went out on the porch (but now that I see them, I miss them in the house.)



Here’s that same corner from a little different angle now. The desk, mirror, pillow and blue urn are from HomeGoods, the white vase is from The Depot at Gibson Mill and I’ve had the chair for years along with the cat.

I broke off a few cherry blossom branches from our yard because #SPRING! My favorite way to add life to our home is by bringing in something from outside. When you are hunting for leafy or flowery branches, try to cut or break them off about twice as long as you think you want, see how those branches above fill in the empty space and look riskier and fancier? They have more presence because they are tall and quirky.

Below you can see the different personality that you get when you use lots of short branches, more sophisti-mi-cated. As they say.

The half-moon table makes so much more sense here on the other side of the window. Since there’s main thoroughfare/foot traffic highway right next to the table, having those rounded edges tapering to the wall give us more space than the old sideboard I used to have there, bonus: no more permanent bruise on my hip from hitting a corner daily! I realized this is such a great use of a rounded table–at the end of a wall!

Relax: Lindsay Letters

Pillows & planter: Home Goods // Peacock Chair: local thrift store

I’ll be sharing more on instagram today, you can see more cozy home inspiration there with the hashtag #cozyhometour

I wish there were another tour going on next week that could ensure that my house stay somewhat presentable. For now, special thanks to HomeGoods for partnering with the Cozy Spring Home Tour, be sure to check out the other Cozy Homes below:



















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  1. Tortie cat!!!!

    Sorry, that was a crazy cat lady moment. But, I have a tortie, they’re awesome cats.

    The room is gorgeous (along with the cats). I love those blue chairs around the table.

  2. I’m new to your blog so you have probably answered this question many times before but would you mind providing a source for that lovely beaded chandelier?

  3. Elizabeth says

    Very nice! I personally love the glass table with the mirror and matching chair.

  4. Amy Corley says

    So beautiful!! I am looking for a table just like your white one round one. Could you tell me where it is from? Thanks so much!!

  5. I’m in love! It’s simply stunning.

  6. I love everything but especially your commentary! hahaha! “and I’ve had the chair for years along with the cat” lol! And how you describe the big tall spring branches as riskier and fancier– it’s funny but so true! That little desk in the corner is such a smart use of space. It’s the perfect depth! And visually light (practically invisible but not)! Thanks for joining Myq! xo

  7. I love your home. I wish I had all my work done so I could run out to Home Goods and see if they have a cathedral mirror like that for me. I’m looking at the perfect blank spot to put it. That’s a great tip about the long branches. I wouldn’t naturally think of something like that.

  8. So beautiful! I’m in love with how cozy your home is. Those chippy windows have my heart. I love the color and the chippy paint. They look perfect there. Can I ask you about your kitchen range? It’s beautiful. We’re not ready to redo our kitchen just yet but getting inspiration right now. xx

  9. Gorgeous! I love that cathedral mirror and have been looking everywhere for one! I’ll have to keep my eyes open next time I’m at Home Goods.

  10. Beautiful job as always Myquillyn! I love your relatable tips and that cathedral mirror is a gorgeous find! Wonderful to be on the spring decorating tour with you this year. :)

  11. Such a beautiful tour! I love how you show real life photos. I love your book too ;) So great being on this tour with you!
    Hugs, Jamie

  12. Thank you for showing your table top with real life on it. It is refreshing and brave and more normal than all these perfect vignettes out there. That was my favorite part of the post. I love to see LIFE in a picture and it also makes me feel better about my junked up, kid filled, lived in space…

  13. Those blue windows!!! Those are stunning and your house is gorgeous!

  14. Your space is SO beautiful and I am a kindred spirit when it comes to cozy minimalism. I want it to be cozy but too much stuff in my own home makes me itchy. I smiled at this post prompting you to get your house in order. I always feel that way when people come over, it forces me to clean the toilets or at least make sure they are flushed! Have a great day. I also recognize that table from your podcast insta-stories, I love your podcasts. Thanks for helping us novices out! xoxo ERIN

  15. Wow design are so amazing, we are looking to use some tips and design ideas to our next house renovation project.

  16. What a beautiful style you have! Can I ask where you found your navy upholstered dining chairs?

  17. Debbie Klausing says

    Also wondering about the range. I have a 40″ range that has an oven that cannot be repaired. This is due to the fact that they don’t make the parts anymore. It is 10 years old. I am finding that 40″ stoves are hard to find. I have cabinets and granite on each side so I really would like to just replace with same size. Thanks, I love your blog!

  18. Can’t decide if I love the gorgeous mirror or the kitty in that one shot better! Beautiful tour!

  19. Very nice! I personally love the glass table with the mirror and matching chair. قاب گوشی

  20. What a beautiful style you have! I personally love the glass table with the mirror and matching chair.

  21. When I saw that church window mirror, my heart almost stopped. I have to get one because I’ve wanted one for years. I checked on HomeGoods website and I can’t find it. Can you help me? Does it have a name? Love your new basement and office. So many good ideas there.

  22. You have a lovely home, I love all the decorations! I am a big fan of upcycled art, and the old window frames used as decorations caught my eye instantly. The chandelier is also astonishing, although it wouldn’t feel good at my house, because it’s located very low and we have a cat that loves to catch onto everything hanging so low…

  23. I love the wooden floor and and wooden shelf hung on the wall – I assume it is made from real piece of wood. I have similar one. I have done the wooden worktop for my kitchen using the same style. I really love wooden elements of the decor at home.

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