bathroom in progress


Ugh. Seriously. This is how I found it.

Then, 45 seconds later…


So, we started this bathroom makeover the last week of June. We hired a trusted friend, Sean to do the hard work, and I still have a handful of finishing touches I’m putting off. But, it’s useable, and you can get the idea of how it’s supposed to look. I’ll do a final post once it’s 100% done (in four years. kidding. kind of).

bathroom before

This is how the bathroom looked the day we bought the house. (Exactly two years ago).


And this is how it looked for the past two years. Pink tub & sink, beige old toilet. Always at least one towel on the floor.

upstairs bathroom

And here’s where we are now. It’s 90% finished.


I learned a long time ago that this is a safe place to share my ‘in process’ photos. There’s still blue tape on the floor, I need to decide on a color to paint the door, finish painting the trim, get a fan cover, get a new/better shower rod & rings, hang the art & the medicine cabinet and hang a few more hooks.

bathroom tile






Once it’s done, and once the boys are back in school, I’ll do a final glamour shot post with sources and stuff. I’ve also got a post coming up about alternative places to find a similar mirror (this one is second-hand and I get asked about it a lot). Finally, because I am not so vain that I don’t mind posting a photo of me with no makeup, four-day old hair and yoga clothes that have never seen a yoga studio, but I am too vain to let you possibly think that I have a really high, discolored left ear, that’s a towel hook behind my head.


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