I bought a top hat.

I decided to do something for me, –it’s my own version of the Batman Suit. If you are a Parks & Rec fan you’ll know what I’m talking about….

When’s the last time you treated yo self?

Recently my sister and I teamed up with a couple of our besties, Caroline and Kendra, to treat ourselves to some girl time. At the end of the weekend, we put the Hope*ologie microphone right in the middle of the kitchen table and talked about the joy we get from small things.

For example, that top hat I bought.


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We invite you to listen to The March Hope*ologie Podcast ::Treat Yo’ Self!

A few show notes:

This month on The Hope*ologie Podcast: What do you call something that helps you feel alive and joyful, gives you energy, lightens your step, lifts your spirits, and makes you feel more fully human for yourself and others? We call that kind of something essential, not a useless extravagance.

But sometimes, to get it, you have to Treat Yo’ Self, Tom and Donna style.

So while you finish up those errands or fold those warm towels or take a lunch break, listen in as we chat with Kendra (who blogs at The Sugar Box – here is that running list of her top 300 movies we mention) and Caroline (who shares her life and encouragement here, as well as a great photo of her looking like Johnny Depp).

We hope that you catch some inspiration – and permission – to Treat Yo’ Self and give a gift to your self today or plan one for the future.

top hats


Every month Emily & Dad & I record two podcasts. The Hope*ologie podcast is on iTunes and is free for anyone to listen




And we also record The Sister*ologie podcast–it’s a little more personal/embarrassing/ridiculous so we keep it private for Hope*ologie members…here’s a little clip of the Sister*ologie podcast from this month…

Click here to listen to a two-minute sampler of the sister*ologie podcast:

Build a Bear Mom Guilt



Every month we have a theme and incorporated that theme into content for your home, family & soul. This month’s theme is Treat Yo Self. Emily wrote this lovely reminder and our hope*ologie artist, Annie Barnett created this beautiful printable available exclusively at hope*oloige in March. April’s theme: Celebration Find out more about Hope*ologie here.

hopeologie printable

 When’s the last time you treated your future self?