love so amazingcanvas: naptime diaries

office details

pomspoms: anthropologie

wood stove

tasseltassel: handmade like this

guest bedcanvas: lindsay letters

the nesting place book


girlie office

girlie office



those were the sweet controlled little closeups that capture the very first, super temporary phase one of bringing in all my pretty and sitting it around knowing that all most all if it will change because some of the furniture won’t even be in this room and anyway, I never leave it the way I first put it but who cares if I need to change it again because this is fun!

Now, let’s look at the full room views (you’ll see why I started with the closeups) this room still needs work and has big gaps and isn’t cohesive yet but it’s nice to see some far away shots too…

girliy office




office exterior

and here’s what you see as you walk up to my office door there on the right, next to the white chair, sometimes I focus on the closeups, the little corners of pretty inspiration because the big picture can be daunting.

until it's done

This is the framed print hanging over the black settee in the photo up there via vaporqualquer